Law and jurisdiction are the spines of any country. The UAE has got its dedicated lawsuit and other related legalities according to the Shariah law. However, be it any road accident, family matter, or company formation, the right support in legal affairs is required. Because there are tonnes of documents, paperwork, and other legal processes that can be carried out by only proficient law firms from renowned law firms. And, Dubai, being one of the most happening emirates in the UAE, is the destination of countless law firms and lawyers.

But, how do you know which lawyer and law firm are the best for your legal requirements? The perfect lawyer and the associated law firm can help you to deal with the legal complexities with the right movement. Are you looking for the best law firm Dubai? It’s the experience, uniqueness, and approach that make a law firm in Dubai capable of handling your legal cases with proficiency. Let’s check out the best lawyers and law firms in Dubai for 2021.

Fotis International Law Firm

This reputed body of in-house lawyers specializes in offering a comprehensive solution at any instance of legal complexities for its clients. Fotis International Law Firm sincerely appoints the right, skilled, and qualified lawyers for their clients. Additionally, the lawyers, attorneys, and solicitors of Fotis International Law Firm in Dubai are renowned with domestic and international legal expertise. Whether it is regarding your business, arbitration, or anything else, you have got the appropriate legal assistance from the best law firm Dubai.

The lawyers of Fotis International Law Firm treat every legal affair with a unique strategy, both technically and legally. The lawyers are capable of handling legal cases in 15 different languages. So, the clients would hardly feel any complication in communicating their legal needs with the assigned lawyers of the law firm in Dubai. Apart from this, Fotis International Law Firm provides you with practice areas such as administrative law, arbitration, corporate law, criminal law, and family law affairs. 

However, this is not the end of the expertise list of the lawyers of Fotis International Law Firm. The lawyers and advocates of the law firm in Dubai can tackle dispute resolution, cyber risk, company formation, bankruptcy law, intellectual property, and taxation issues. In addition to this, the sectors range from aviation, banking, real estate, mining, insurance, to education. So, grab the hands of legal experts of Fotis International Law Firm for any kind of legal support for achieving the most fruitful decision in your favour.

Khairallah Advocates & Legal Consultants

Looking for dedicated and expert lawyers and attorneys? Then you can entrust Khairallah Advocates & Legal Consultants. The professional lawyers and legal consultants of the firm have solved countless legal complexities with an enviably high success rating. The law firm has consistently kept its place in minimizing complicated legal affairs, especially for litigation and arbitration.

Founded by Jouslin Khairallah, Khairallah Advocates & Legal Consultants is the right destination to seek help in the most crucial times. All over, you can avail of the right support and advice at the right time. The lawyers and advocates are always ready to help you with the perfect piece of advice and emotional support. Moreover, the lawyers of the law firm are efficient in labour law, criminal law, corporate, and maritime law affairs. 

Additionally, the law firm specializes in commercial, maritime, construction, employment, and rent dispute matters. On the other hand, the lawyers of the firm are ready to represent you in every court of Dubai. Additionally, they provide services in the Federal Supreme Court, Dubai International Arbitration Centre, and Dubai International Financial Centre. Therefore, you can avail of competent legal services from Khairallah Advocates & Legal Consultants.

RAALC Law Firm

RAALC Law Firm is an awarded law firm and it’s one of the best law firm Dubai institutions. The law firm was founded in 2013 in Sharjah. And, it has now opened its branches in Ras Al Khaimah and Dubai. Now, the headquarter of RAALC Law Firm resides in Dubai. However, three legal offices combined and resulted in the current law firm.

Well, the in-house lawyers of RAALC Law Firm possess experience for 30 years. Avail of business and partnership legalities explained in the field of corporate and administrative law with this firm’s expertise. In addition to this, the lawyers and legal consultants are equally experts in finance, banking, arbitration, construction, bankruptcy, and information technology.

Besides this, the lawyers are fluent in Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Malayalam languages. Lawyers and legal experts strive for the best benefits of their clients. Additionally, they have acquired global expertise and experience in resolving disputes and all.

Ibrahim Khouri Advocates & Legal Consultants

Experience matters the most when it comes to tackling legal complications. Ibrahim Khouri Advocates & Legal Consultants have become one of the trendsetters in the law and jurisdictions in Dubai. The law firm possesses twelve years of experience. Whether it is related to litigation or dispute resolution, this is the best law firm Dubai.

All the attorneys and solicitors of the law firm are qualified and knowledgeable in domestic and international affairs. Handle the legal troubles related to divorce, child custody, or any kind of family relationship efficiently with the proficient lawyers of this law firm in Dubai. You can trust the family law expertise, arbitration procedure, company document filing, and corporate law amenities when you are with Ibrahim Khori Advocates & Legal Consultants.

Additionally, the lawyers and solicitors are equally proficient in tackling criminal lawsuits and offenses. Learn about the do’s and don’ts with the law firm when it comes to maritime or shipping lawsuits. In case you are looking for an alternative to dispute resolution then conciliation is the one. And, the advocates of Ibrahim Khouri Advocates & Legal Consultants are brilliant in this. So, reach an amicable resolution in every law case with this law firm in Dubai.

Time to Wrap up…

The decision of choosing the right law firm and lawyer depends on several factors. First of all, don’t forget to prioritize the practice area that you really need. On the other hand, dig into the strategies and success record of the law firm. Make sure that you have verified the experience factor, too. Lastly, the lawyers should be available at the right time of legal emergencies. We have personally verified the factors for the above-mentioned law firms. Hence, you can avail legal services from them, undoubtedly.

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