When the name Apple comes up, we always think positively and it is because they are one of the best Mobile and PC manufacturers in the world and it has always tried to keep us satisfied with its products. But the last month was not that good for Apple. 

The Apple iOS 13 updates have arrived with few interesting features including the anticipated dark mode but it is having trouble with several numbers of bugs and security problems. The push of the updates isn’t that good this time. Multiple reports by users say the recent updates come with an annoying touch ID bug which is resisting logging into third parties applications. Millions of Apple users have come up with the same report on different social media channels.

With the release of the new iPhone and the official warning from Apple, I think it would clash and result in the reduction of overall sales of the new phone. Thousands of customers will twice think now whether to go for the new phone or not. Apple has imprinted completely new assistance documents “About genuine iPhone displays” and during the time Apple affirms that warning can be issued to patrons of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max if they don’t go to an apple licensed technician if the phone has an issue or need to restore changes.

Issues that Apple users are facing

Multiple users on Twitter reported that the pop-up screen that asks users for Touch ID authentication doesn’t show up and or appear after a few minutes after they have updated their devices to iOS 13. Another affected user said it sometimes workouts when he lay his fingers on the button. Any app that needs to use Touch ID or Face ID to log into the app is affected by the bug. Password managing tools is also not working due to the same problem.

But fortunately only the touch ID- based phones are compromised and those with facial recognition ID features are safe from these issues. The issues create anxiety among the old users with iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. The problems is present on iOS 13 and the updated version of iOS 13.1 and iOS 13.1.1. Few developers have previously found out the existence of these issues on the Ios 13.1 beta release version earlier of September 2019.

Ipad may also get affected because iPadOS is built under the same foundation as iOS. But to be 100 % sure it won’t affect if you are using a face-id supported device.

Apple iOS 13 Touch ID bug fixes

At first apple didn’t make sure when to solve the issue, but finally, there is a fix for these disturbing problems. As User said on Twitter that the Touch-ID pop-up screen has completely disappeared, in fact, it is still there but showing up after a few seconds. You just have to keep your iPhone’s home button and it should authorize your fingerprint so that you can continue logging in. The second option is to shake your device, few users are able to make the face -id pop up dialog appear just by shaking it once or twice. So you can try both the options and see which one works.

The problem has really irritated loyal users around the world and we really don’t know whether or not the attackers will use this bug to their advantage. Maybe it’s a trap to make the user use their biometrics to authenticate malicious requests.

Updating to iOS 13

Practically there are many who usually do not update to the new version until and unless they make sure that there is no bug or issues with the current version. See, no one can say which version gets affected and when, because cyberfrauds doesn’ tell apple before hacking. Confusion is always there while choosing when to update an operating system looking at its behavior.

But an update is a very crucial factor if you own an iPhone. It is because updates are rolled out after bug fixes and important security patches, so if you have an old version and if new bugs turn up in your phone, then your old version can’t help fix those bugs it is because the old version doesn’t have the same bug in their database. Developers usually check and flash out any bugs that is there but the right time you can test it when it goes live.

Version iOS 13 is one of Apple’s most exciting rollout that includes many security patches and multiple privacy features. Experts suggest you should update your app if you haven’t.

John Opdenakker and ethical hacker states that keeping your iOS up-to-date is a wise choice to be as secure as possible, and even if Apple announces any vulnerabilities, it has a good name on coming up with fixes very fast.

Coming to a Conclusion

So, finally, we have come to an end on the discussion of Apple issues iOS 13 Touch ID Warning To Millions Of iPhone Users. Chances always remain high that cyber frauds attack Apple but some way or the other Apple always finds a way out of the mess. I hope this article has enlightened you on the current scenario.

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