A few months ago, Apple announced a free repair program for a few selected iPad models. The tech giant stated that a few units, manufactured between March and October, in the previous year, turned out to be defective. That is why the repair process was very much necessary. 

Apple also announced that the problems in those iPads are irreversible. This is why all the affected device owners must come to their nearby Apple outlets and avail the service absolutely free of cost. The repair process doesn’t come with any warranty but the device does. 

What was the fault?

The fault was the flickering of display and often blank display in the iPad Air Third-Generation models. If Apple doesn’t take care immediately, then the display can go blank permanently. Reports say that sometimes, the display also flashes multiple numbers of times.

What you have to do?

You must not just leave your device as it is when it is on the verge of collapse. Accepting the program where you don’t have to pay a single penny will be the best idea. Just find the authorized Apple store nearby. 

Check eligibility whether you can avail the service or not. Then, call and make an appointment with them. Send an email to Apple support for immediate assistance through the repair center.

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Additional Information

There are recent vibes that Apple might limit the number of repairs and replacements based on certain regions. That is why you have to get the service as soon as possible. One more thing you must keep in mind that the repair warranty doesn’t extend the warranty of the device. If you see any faults after repairs, that will be counted in the device warranty only. 

In certain cases, if your device has any other issues related to the screen, it must be solved before availing the free repair program. In case, if the Apple experts note that the display is faulty owing to external entities, charges might be applicable, for additional repairs. For iPhone Repair Dubai You Can Contact Repair Experts.