Avast is a software company that builds security applications for various operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Android. One of the most popular applications is Avast Antivirus. You can get this application for free as well as in the premium version and Avast Cleanup Premium Key. 

However, here the discussion will be focused on the Cleanup Premium application. Now, if you have purchased this application and want to install it. activate it, then you need to have the Avast Cleanup Premium key.

1: About the Cleanup Premium Software

The Avast Cleanup Premium is an application that increases the performance of the computer. This increase in the performance is possible by updating all the installed software, clean junk files and rectify any issues.

2: Features of the Avast Cleanup Premium Application

You will get the features description here, for the Avast Cleanup Premium software. So follow along.

Shortcut Cleaner

The ‘Shortcut Cleaner’ is a feature that helps you to delete any dead or corrupt shortcuts of certain application that is not present within the computer. Along with the shortcut clean up, this feature also clears the history lists from the Windows OS.

Sleep Mode

There is a feature known as ‘Sleep Mode’ within the Avast Cleanup Premium application that temporarily disables all the resource-hungry applications. Due to this temporary deactivation, the performance of the computer increases immensely and you can work with ease.

Disk Cleaner

There is a ‘Disk Cleaner’ feature present within the Clean Premium application. This feature helps you to remove any additional files of the application that was previously removed. Also, with the help of this very feature, you can even uninstall any applications that are present within the computer.

Automatic Maintenance

Due to the inclusion of the ‘Automatic Maintenance’ feature, the computer is tuned and cleaned for you by Avast Cleanup Premium application at regular intervals.

Browser Cleaner

This feature removes junk files, browsing history and cookies from many browsers like the ‘Google Chrome’, ‘Mozilla Firefox’, ‘Microsoft Edge’ and etc.

Registry Cleaner

The ‘Registry Cleaner’ is the feature present within ‘Avast Cleanup Premium’ application that removes any corrupt registry files present within the ‘Registry Editor’. This a feature that fixes any issues in regards to the Windows Registry.

Bloatware Removal

The ‘Cleanup Premium’ software helps to detect and then delete any junk application present within the computer with the help of the ‘Bloatware Removal’ feature.

Tuning Dashboard and Action Center

Due to this feature within the ‘Avast Cleanup Premium’ software, you can get a quick overview of the health of your machine.

Automatic Updates

‘Cleanup Premium’ application with the help of the ‘Automatic update’ feature can locate updates for any applications present within the computer and then install them automatically.

3: Resources Necessary for Avast Cleanup Premium Software

You will get the minimum system requirements here, that is necessary for the Cleanup Premium application.

  • Processor – Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 or higher.
  • Random Access Memory Support – 256 MB or more.
  • Free Hard Disk Space – 100 MB or more.
  • Operating System – Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 SP1; System Architecture – 32 or 64 bit.
  • Screen Resolution – 800 x 600 pixels
  • Need for an internet connection.

4: How to get the Cleanup Premium Application 

Here, there will be information about the download process of the Avast Cleanup Premium application. In order to do that, follow the steps below.

  • First, launch a browser and then, in it, enter the official URL of Avast on the address bar and then tap on the ‘Enter’ key.
  • As soon as you click on that key, then a new website will come up with a heading ‘Avast on the top-left edge of the screen.
  • Inside that website go to the top-right edge and tap on the search icon. This will open a search area, in that space type the following text “cleanup” and press the enter button.
  • As you click on that button, then a search output page will come up. From that page locate the second option ‘Installing Avast Cleanup Premium’ option and click on the same.
  • Once you tap on that option, next, a new page will appear with the heading “Installing Avast Cleanup Premium”. Within that page, locate the ‘Download Avast Cleanup Premium’ button and tap on it.
  • This action will start the download process of the setup file. Wait for the download process to get over.

5: Avast Cleanup Premium key

You will get information here about all the latest working activation Avast Cleanup Premium key of the Avast Cleaning Premium application.

  • AGHSPE -982YJJ- 5YU56N
  • 433U4Y-TWQESJ-4KL47W

6: How to install the Avast Cleanup Premium Software

Get the installation process of the Avast Cleanup Premium software here. For more information follow the steps below.

  • First, start the computer and then from the taskbar locate and click on the ‘File Explorer’ icon.
  • As soon as you do that, then a new window will appear, in it, navigate to the left pane and under the ‘Favorites’ section select the ‘Downloads’ option.
  • This action will reveal all the contents of the ‘Downloads’ folder on the right side of that window. Next, from the list of all the contents locate and right-click on the setup file that says “avast_cleanup_ setup.exe”
  • Now, a popup menu will come up, in it, tap on the ‘Run as administrator’ option. Once a ‘User Account Control’ dialog box appears, next, click on the ‘Yes’ button.
  • As you do that, then a new dialog box will appear, inside it, choose a language that you prefer from the drop-down menu and then tap the ‘OK’ button.
  • Now, a new window with the title ‘Setup – Avast Cleanup Premium’ will appear. Inside that window check the default location where the software will be installed and then tap on the ‘Next’ button. If you want to change the installation location, then click on the ‘Browse’ button.
  • After that, a new page will appear within this window, in it, if you wish to read the license agreement terms and conditions, then read them and tap the ‘Install’ button.
  • At this time the installation process of the Avast Cleanup Premium software will begin. So, wait for the installation process to get over.
  • Once the procedure of installation is complete, next, tap on the ‘Finish’ button.

7: Activate Avast Cleanup Premium Application

There will be steps here to activate this software using the Avast Cleanup Premium key. In order to do that follow the steps below.

  • First, go to the bottom left corner of the screen and click on the ‘Up arrow’ icon to reveal the ‘System tray’. This tray contains some of the important applications.
  • Next, from that tray, locate and choose the ‘Avast Cleanup Premium’ icon. This action will display a popup menu from bottom-up and in it, tap on the ‘Avast Cleanup’ option.
  • As you tap on that option, then a new window will appear with the title ‘Avast Cleanup Premium’. Inside that window, go to the top-right edge and tap on the ‘Menu’ button. 
  • This will open a drop-down menu with three options. Out of those three options select the one that says ‘My licenses’. At this time a new dialog box will open up.
  • Within that dialog box, click on the ‘Enter a valid activation code’ option. As soon as you tap on that option, then a new dialog box will appear. Next, go to the fifth method and write down all the codes present there.
  • Now, inside that dialog box input one activation code and then press the ‘Enter’ button.
  • If the code that you have given does not work, then repeat the previous step for all the remaining Avast Cleanup Premium Key that is provided here.
  • When an activation code present here works, next you will get the message “Success” at the top of the dialog box. After that, click on the ‘Continue’ button and go back to the ‘My licenses’ page.
  • At last, go to the bottom of that page and check the license information.

8: Using the Avast Cleanup Premium Software

You will get the steps here on how to use the Cleanup Premium software in an easy way.

  • First, locate and double-click the ‘Avast Cleanup Premium’ icon on the desktop. This action will open a new window having the title ‘Avast Cleanup Premium’.
  • Inside that window, you will get various scanning options ‘Maintainance’, ‘Free Up Space’, ‘Speed Up’ and ‘Fix Problems’. Among those options select the one that you want to perform.
  • Once you click on a certain option, next, the scanning process of that chosen option will start. Now, wait for that scanning process to get over.
  • Now, close the Avast Cleanup Premium window and then reboot the machine.

9: Remove the Avast Cleanup Premium from Settings

Get the removal steps for the Avast Cleanup Premium software here. So, follow along.

  • First, press the ‘Windows’ logo to open the ‘Start’ menu. Inside that menu, go to the left pane and tap on the ‘Power’ icon.
  • As soon as you click on that icon, then a popup list will appear. Now, from the list that appears locate and choose the ‘Apps’ category.
  • This action will launch a new page, in it, go to the left pane and choose the ‘Apps & features’ option. Once you click on that option, next, move to the right panel and scroll down to the ‘Apps & features’ section.
  • Under that section, you will get all the applications on a list. From that list, find and tap on the ‘Avast Cleanup Premium’ option. When the chosen option expands, next, click the ‘Uninstall’ button.
  • This will launch a new uninstaller window. Inside that window, follow the on-screen instructions and accordingly click the ‘Uninstall’ button.
  • Now, wait for the uninstallation process of the Cleanup Premium to get over.
  • Once it is over, next, restart the computer.

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