Android phones are something everybody has latched on to. It is difficult to point out a man or a woman who does not own an Android mobile phone in the 21st century. With the evolution of Android phones, people have become very familiar with the Internet and its various jaw-dropping features.

New phones are coming along the way and we can see various outstanding features are being a part of them. These amazing features also include the battery life of Android phones. Battery life is one of the most important factors to determine whether the phone is good for the world economy or not.

Phones that are coming out in the market currently are mostly of 4000 mAH or 5000 mAH. This battery life is enough to run your phone for 24 hours even after heavy use. 

The Problem People have been Facing

The problem that users are facing is battery power loss due to spamming. Users also got a strict warning that they should immediately remove some of the popular applications from their mobile phones. The software applications that are available on the Google Play Store are found that they have been downloaded more than eight million times already. These applications are basically mobile games and camera utilities.

However, after these application updates are installed on your devices, they get to work on spamming the users with the same notifications, messages, and even advertisements that are almost paradoxical to throw out of the home screen of the device.

This issue became so much out of hand and no laughing matter level that Google itself has become bound to eliminate those applications from the Google Play Store. At present, they are not at all available to download from the Play Store.

There is a whole bucket of such spamming applications. Some of them are Blur Photo editor, Background replacement, and more similar applications.

Is Google also Creating a Muddle? – Let us have a Clear Look

Each and every Android smartphone comes with Google Service which includes Google Maps, Google Photos, Google Pay, Google Chrome, YouTube, Play Games, Google Cloud, and many more services. Also, this set of services also includes Google Play Service.

The Google service in your Android phone gets a periodic update where all the application of google gets a set of new features along with a better look. Since this service is one of those features which is necessary to run various operations of your phone, so they get a whole new streamlining after the applications get notified about the update.

Google has also become a root of Battery Problems in Android Smartphones

But here is one thing. Recently, there was an announcement made by Android that the battery life of the smartphones drains out very fast as the application of Google on the phone keeps on updating itself.

Also, this problem is one of the latest problems the Android users are facing as they have made a discovery that the batteries of their smartphones and tabs are not lasting as long as it should have kept going.

There is a high chance for Android users to get into trouble with the battery life of their phones as Google app update pops up. This is because this is the only update that consumes most battery power.

It looks like a fresh update from the US technology firm is causing massive battery power loss with the update of Google Play services software. Consequently, the blame totally went to Google services.

Android Police has to say the initial occurrence of this particular problem popped out on the floor in the third week of August this year. Plenty of Android users appeared with complaints about their phones not running as long as they should run.

Thorough research on this particular issue revealed the fact that the root of this problem was very unexpectedly the Google play services. It was even continuing to cause the problem even if the phone was in a standby mode.

First of all the affected devices were Android mobile phones and tablets. Moreover, this time the cause of the issue was Google itself. So, this time the number of people facing battery problems has increased to a great extent compared to the time when battery flaws were caused by the spamming application software I mentioned earlier in the article.

Some Android users have also posted about this problem on many social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. One of posted saying this – “I am using Poco f1, I have battery drain issue and I don’t know why Google play service sucks my battery level this much, Poco please find the solution.”

This is very much evident that the problem is serious and needs a quick solution. Keep a check on your battery to know the rate of power drainage from your battery.

Monitor your Battery Usage

To check the battery life of Android phones and usage of energy, open your phones and go to Settings from the main menu. After you open Settings, go to Battery. The next step is to tap on the “Show full device usage” option.

You need to check the name of the application that is appearing at the top of the graph or list. If the name is google Play, then you become aware of the main cause of this drainage. Google Play is only responsible. If there is some other name, then you have to look for solutions accordingly.

Other Similar Faults Detected

Google, being a trustworthy firm, made people be more surprised than ever for the sudden eruption of this problem. But Google has promised not to let this issue continue for long as the team is soon coming up with a fix to this tight spot. Google will be pushing out an update in the coming months, hopefully very soon.

The android users also faced another problem which is affecting this well-named operating system besides already suffering from the stumbling block of battery power dissipation. This problem is quite similar to the first problem that I discussed earlier in this content.

The security experts who look after the defense of Google Play Services have detected more than two hundred threatening software applications present in the Play Store that people downloaded on their devices more than 32 million times just within one and half months.

Six Android applications came with a preloaded malicious software known as the PreAMo malware. Lukas Stefanko, an ESET malware researcher, uncovered the fact that just in the month of July alone, people downloaded those corrupting applications from Google Play Store for more than 32 million times.

These applications, according to Lukas Stefanko, list themselves under the categories of ad fraud, false applications, subscription fraud, and so on. However, Google managed to remove those faulty applications from the Play Store.

Closing Note

It was a hell of a time for the Android users, and for Google too, with the appearance of so many problems altogether. Google has promised to give a solution to save the battery life of Android phones in no time.

If you see any sort of problem with the battery of your phone look for the battery usage statistics before running to any technician to get a new battery. The problem is in the battery but the root can be Google.

Okay, so let me leave it till here. I hope this article helped you know about the issues in detail. Let us know in the comment box if this was quite neat to you. Android owners are everywhere. So, a share can support a lot of people.