2018 has been a great year for Android App Development that has witnessed a number of changes in its trends. For these, Android App Development in Dubai is soaring up the heights with great innovation and better interface. The latest android technologies have helped greatly to boost up the app development sites all the more basic.

Talking about the trends that have its way into the surface, here are some major trends that have been making quite a buzz in the developmental arena for Android web applications. may it be artificial intelligence aided apps, Android applications have taken a huge leap. Thus, it allows creating a smarter pathway for the visitors to choose from the basic web application development sites.

In order to design all, there have been some of the best machine learning theory implied. Users have also seen the deep learning theory along with automated machine learning helping to encapsulate the computer systems in a better way. Thus, it has also brought in the integration of AI to create AutoML powered by complex programming environment.

Android App Development in Dubai

Top Android Web Development Trends

Android App Development Services brings a lot of interfaces that brings some personalized user experience to deliver ride-hailing apps. It is an extended version of the last release of a developer’s kit that makes the use of instant apps all the more specific. These in a way, also modulizes the apps in order to remove the barriers to block insignificant webpages. Here is a subjective list of all the latest trends in Android App Development in 2018-

The Basics

Basics would be the very first trend that one should know as it holds more importance than ever before. The basics are something that every web developer should know about or else he or she cannot be one. It is such essential that everything in the app is majorly built upon it. Even an expert needs to know the very preliminary HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Not only that, one must also be well-versed with the specific roles that these have to play in the service.

Out of these, Javascript plays the most critical role that holds the primitive place in building up the other trends as well.


This one is also hitting the trends from the last couple of years that is now picking up the acceleration. It is such convenient to use that more and more web apps are now transferring over to Node.js. In addition to that, one can also use the Node.js for a number of fronts and build workflows. This also simplifies the use of Javascript in front as well as in the backend.

Frontend Frameworks

Next in the line is frontend frameworks that react as a library in bringing one framework into use more than other. Dividing deeper into the components it mainly has three to name. All of it has their specific niches and purposes that makes it all the more easy to have a look at all of them at once. The trend also allows one to learn a lot more about the web development along with creating an engaging and reliable web development interface. These frameworks also make it quite easy to manage the UI states that is quite complex to handle otherwise.

Thus it has brought a lot more improvement in the performance side along with developing new features. Apart from that, there is also news about adding some nice updates with the proper view and angular.

Web Components

The web components and compilers are also regarded as the major contributing trends in this year. The idea about what the web components are all about is that one can build reusable customer components with its help. They also act as a polyfill for browsers to save Javascript while using a framework of the library. Thus, using reusable custom HTML Javascript is the buzzing of the Android world within the scope of altering the framework. However, this limits the use of a react component the view app. However, with web components, one can easily do the needful. Hence, Android App Development Company in Dubai is making a useful contribution to provide the best trends in the Android world.