If you want to check someone’s patience, put them on slow WiFi. That’s how the saying goes and for all the right reasons. Looking at those big pixels on the Skype instead of the faces of your loved ones makes us shout in frustration.

Can you imagine staring at the circle of death while all you want to do is watch your favourite video? That’s how the story of a slow internet connection goes. So, is there any way out from this tragedy? Yes, there is. And in this article, we are going to give you some fantastic and insanely easy hacks to get better WiFi connectivity at home.

Better WIFI Connectivity

Don’t Let Slow WiFi Take The Better Of You

Don’t Keep Your Router On The Ground

If you want to get the Better WIFI Connectivity from your router, keep it at some height above the ground. This will help your router in sending clear signals everywhere. If you keep it on the floor, you might lose the signals among the objects in your way.

Make Your router The Center Of Attention

Meaning, keep your router at the centre place in your home. Thus, you will get the proper signal everywhere in your home. If you keep it in a corner, you will lose the signals among the objects and the wall.

Put It Where You Use It The Most

Common sense, right? Keeping your router where you use the internet is the most a logical thing to do. The strength of the signal will be maximum, giving you optimum speed and connectivity.

Flaunt Your Router

Now, don’t keep carrying it around with you everywhere. Also, make sure your router is not covered. Many materials absorb the signal. Hence, keep it out in the open, not behind the curtain or hidden in a cabinet behind the books.

Don’t Pair It Up With Electronics

Electronic devices interfere with the signal of your router. So, if you want excellent connectivity and speed, keep it away from your electronic devices like TV, microwave, refrigerator, etc.

Position The Antennas Differently

If your router has two antennas, keep one straight up and the other horizontal. This will help the signal in spreading out evenly in all the directions.

Keep The Access Secured

People are good at using the free WiFi service. No pun intended. However, too many devices on a personal network can also slow it down. Hence, keep it secured and password protected. This will not only prevent the unauthorized use of your data, but will also give you maximum Better WIFI Connectivity and speed.

Change Your Service Provider

Sometimes, it’s not the router but your service provider. If you have done everything possible to optimize the position of your router and yet your WiFi connectivity tests your patience, change your service provider. It could be the villain in your story with the internet.

Schedule Reboot Of The Router

Automatically reboot your router once every day or in a few days. So, if your connection is dropping because of excess downloading, heat or an old firmware, it will be taken care of. The best practice is shut down your WiFi before going to bed and turn it back on in the morning.

Change Your Router’s Channel

Routers work on a specific channel. When you set them up, they pick a channel by default. However, it is possible that the channel is crowded. So, change it to the lesser used one for Better WIFI Connectivity.

Update The Driver

An outdated driver of your router can also cause a lag in the connectivity. Check the drivers for the available update and keep them updated regularly. That will also boost your connectivity and speed.

So, that’s how it works. That’s how you get maximum connectivity and speed at home from your WiFi. Follow the above-mentioned tips to make the most of a speedy internet connection.