From the desk of the tech giant Microsoft Corporation, the Xbox Live helps people to play multiplayer games. Sometimes, you may not be able to play games smoothly due to some obvious problems. The barriers in gaming take place when you can’t connect to Xbox Live

Now, there can be many reasons behind that. Some of them are bugs in the Xbox Live account, the slow connection in the server that makes the device unreachable, faults in the hardware, network routers and more. Therefore, you have to study and learn all the troubleshooting procedures to resolve all of these problems. 

1. Testing the Internet Connection 

Obviously, without the help of an internet connection, you can’t connect to Xbox Live. Sometimes the issue might be the internet connection itself. That is why you need to test the internet connection to see whether it is performing well or not. Access the network status of the gaming console and check the status of the connection. 

If it is written “Not Connected”, then there must be some glitches in your internet connection. Run a network diagnosis. If you see any error, then try to fix it. When the diagnosis shows nothing, your router needs a restart. Do it and check whether the issue is resolved or not. 

2. Reconfigure the Router 

Hopefully, you have all the network credentials with you. When you can’t connect to Xbox Live, the problem might be with the router. So, you need to take care of it. Disconnect all the cables from the router and keep it idle for some time. After that, turn it on, press and hold the reset button for 3 to 5 seconds. 

The router will reset and go to its factory condition. Reconnect the main Ethernet cable and other ports. This will make the internet connection active. Now, log in to the home page of the router and reconfigure it with all the necessary network credentials. After that connect the Xbox to the router and check whether the issue still persists or not. 

3. Reconsider the Xbox Live Profile 

Online profile data corruption of the Xbox can take place anytime. In such cases, you can’t connect to Xbox Live. That is why reconsidering the live profile will be beneficial. Here, reconsidering means removing the profile temporarily. The profile button is present at the left corner of the game window, click on the Sign Out button. This will help you to log out from the live profile. You can also restart the console and then log in. As per the gaming experts, it’s indeed a good idea. 

4. Have a look at the Live Status 

In terms of the server-side of the gaming console, Microsoft usually faces several outrages. This happens because of crashes of the server, DDOS attacks and many more. That is why the host organization has built a page inside the software of the gaming console to check the live status. After checking the status of the console, you can also check the system settings. 

As the Xbox One Live is perfectly compatible with Windows 10, access the Network section of the Settings. Check whether the Xbox Live core servers are active there or not. If not, then test the connection and find out any glitches. 

5. Reset the Gaming Console 

When you can’t connect to Xbox Live, the most convenient way to resolve the issue is to reset the modem. You can see the Xbox logo on the console. If it is off, first you have to turn it on. Then, press and hold the logo switch until it turns off. Now, wait for some time until the console turns on. 

Take a pin or a pen, find out the reset button of the console. Most of the reset buttons are present at the back of any device. Press and hold the button for a couple of seconds. After that, release the button and let the console turn it on, once again. When the main interface appears, make sure you can connect the console to the internet and don’t face any problems. 

6. Make changes in the IP Settings 

The dedicated network settings of the console get the upper hand when you can’t connect to Xbox Live. Access the network settings and move on to its advanced section. You will have the IP settings. Surely, it’s set to manual mode. So, you have to configure the settings to automatic mode. Proceed to the DNS settings, select the Automatic mode. Then, close the Settings and try to connect the console with the internet. 

7. Check the System Services 

In order to check the system services, you have to access your computer. Open Run and type ‘services.msc’. After clicking OK, the list of services will appear on your screen. Find out the Xbox Live Network Service, right-click on it to open the Properties dialogue box. Now, set the startup type to automatic and save the Settings option by pressing the OK button. Hopefully, you will now be able to connect to the internet. 

Other Possible Reasons 

Malicious items on your computer might also be one of the reasons why you can’t connect to Xbox Live. Therefore, security software is mandatory on your computer. Get a good security application, install it and scan the entire system. This will clear up all the malicious items. Make sure you scan the computer at least once or twice a week. 

In addition to that, update the security application to get all the protective virus definitions against the latest threats. When you are operating the gaming console, make sure that all the settings are in the correct order. Never use any type of pirated games and play it in there.

The corrupted .dll files can easily hamper the gaming environment. It also might not allow you to connect to the internet and play other multiplayer games. Thus, it is always necessary to buy such games that are licensed by the gaming company.