Google has launched more than twenty-five Android versions. The recent launch of the latest Android version, Android Q or Android 10, has set the fans jaw dropped because of the awestruck features it landed with.

Google has made a long journey and hopefully, there are more outstanding versions to come to the market in the upcoming years. Undoubtedly, Google has done an amazing job to make our life easier with the introduction of so many cool applications with a storehouse of interesting features.

This is the reason why more than 80% of smartphone users are using mobile phones that run on the Android operating system. Yet, there is a problem Google needs to fix.

Are 193 Ways still Open for Hackers? – Lets Head in

There are 193 gateways through which hackers can get access to control your Android device and also extract your private data to perform anything odd against you. Google needs to fix these security vulnerabilities as soon as possible.

It is very much known that besides being a wide platform for smartphone environment Android operating system is very much prone to cyber-attacks, malware intrusion, and other kinds of defense flaws.

Among those 193 security faults, the major ones consist of refusal of service, execution of inappropriate code as well as issues with Android run time.

Hackers look for these kinds of paths which will lead them to easily perform a hack and extract your personal data and information within seconds. Also, these issues are rated as “moderate” by Google in the meter of acuteness. So, obviously these issues provide a lot of advantages to the hackers to get involved in these.

Does Google have a Solution?

Google is yet to solve these many problems and it has made a statement in a report claiming that not a single person appeared with any such complaint.

So, this might be very indicative of one fact and that is, users need to upgrade their phones with the latest android version – Android Q or Android 10.

Google said something regarding the need for updating Android mobile phones or tablets. It said – “Exploitation for many issues on Android is made more difficult by enhancements in the newer versions of the Android platform.”

It has just been a few days since the launch of this mighty android 10. Therefore, it is very evident that people will be taking more time to shift to this new version of Android quite fast.

The features are not even available for most of the mobile phones. Although there are many beta programs for Android 10 already released in the market and many phones are using it.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is coming with the official Android 10. Upcoming phones from brands like Pixel, Sony are going to launch the devices which will be running on the official version of Android Q. 

Steps that Google is Taking to Fix this Flaw

Google has changed its application store to some extent. One good news for the Android fans worrying about the security of their devices – Google has made it compulsory that all the new Android software applications installed from the Google Play Store would be requiring a minimum of three days for getting approved.

This basically means that you cannot just publish your application software on the Google Play Store immediately. This is because the authority will do a deep study of your application where they will check whether it contains any sort of way which leads the app to put its hands into the personal data and information of the user’s device.

If you are a developer and you do a submission for publishing your application on Google Play, you wil;l not get any confirming time period within which the approval of the application will be done.

This is a very positive action on behalf of Google as this ‘three-day approval’ procedure will surely reduce the risk of any kind of hacks, cybercrimes, or security flaws.

Your application will be going through another stage of approval after which the app finally gets a place on the wall of Google Play Store. This is known as “closed alpha review”.

“Closed alpha review” is another review that Google does before the final approval of the application. The application will be halted for another three days after the “closed alpha review”. Then if Google assent to your application, it means your application is free from any sort of risk that is risky for an android device related to security.

The Common Problems in Google Play Store

Google play store already contains a bunch of software applications that are full of viruses and malware. There are many fake applications that look exactly the same as some official applications like Uber, Instagram and so on.Control Your Android Device

These apps do not provide any sort of functions except extracting your personal information like phone numbers, email IDs, photos, live locations, and even passwords. The ones who handle these kinds of software get into these details and can easily plot something odd against you. It will not be a surprise if you get into any case regarding identity theft.

This reveals that, to a great extent, the platform of Android has become prone to these mischievous applications. Google has already removed many of these applications from the store already and continuing to do the same.

One hundred and ninety-three ways of making a path to hack your from your Android mobile is not a matter of joke and Google needs to take immediate action to build up a permanent wall to stop any such intrusions.

Not all people are ready to use Android 10 now. Most of the users have not even updated their phones to the version last to the Pie version, which is last to the Android Q version.

Android 10 or Android Q might be providing better security to your devices but People who are not using it do not want to be a victim for any such flaw. So, Google should be the one to look after it.

Ending Remarks

So, folks, that was it for today. We should all pray so that Google quickly announces an update on these security issues so that people use their Android devices without any worries.

Already 80% of mobile users are Android customers. So, Google should maintain this reputation and enhance it with the introduction of sturdy security to all the Android versions that are still in use.

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