We use technology in almost every aspect of our life. Technology is used in schools to teach students, in workplaces to make our work easier and in our homes. With the help of technology, we can acquire information more easily and stay updated along with the world.

It’s impossible to imagine today’s life without using technology. However, it is also making our life harder than it was before using all of these technologies. 

Let’s see what are the disadvantages of technology and what are the ways we can prevent it.

Relationships are Getting Destroyed due to Social Media

In earlier days, people used to talk to each other face-to-face, but now a days they only talk on social media. Due to social media, people now feels lazy to go out and feet their friends, rather they chat via the messenger service of the social media. 

Social media has made people introvert. Some people only talks on social media but not face-to-face. In the case of romantic relationships, it is not good to let your 800 members of your friend list know and comment on what is going-on between you in your private life.

Easy Solution-

The simple solution to this problem is to uninstall all the social media apps all together form your smartphones. You can use it from your computer or your tablet for keeping the duration of use limited.

Technological Devices are Sometimes not Easy to Repair

Due to technology we now have many devices which makes our tasks simple and easier. However, with the increase in technology, the devices are becoming more complicated in their design. This is making their repainting to be more difficult and complicated.

The companies nowadays are trying to make their latest technology available to the people for an attractive price as compared to their competitors. This is mainly seen in the smartphone industry. The companies reduce the cost of their product by doing cost cutting in the products by using cheaper materials.

The new versions of smartphones, are coming out in every couple of months. This makes the two month old device of yours to become backdated. 

When you are buying these products, and in case your device faces any parts failure, the parts will be hard to find. This is because these devices are so new that parts don’t get available so quickly. Then you are left with only one option of buying a new device.

Many people buy an upgraded version of their earlier device even though their previous device is functioning properly. They just want to show off that they have the latest version of the smartphone.

Easy Solution-

If the people use their smartphones or any other gadgets as long as they are functioning properly rather than just buying the latest model to show off, these companies might slow down their release. 

Technologies are Preventing us from Truly Living

Apps like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat helps us to connect to other people. We can stay on these platforms for hours scrolling, sharing posts and liking other people’s posts. 

Rather than this, we can actually be outdoors looking at the original beauty of nature. But we prefer being indoors, crouching over our phones and liking pictures and posts on nature’s picture.

Nowadays, kids have their own YouTube channel, school principals updates their regular activities on twitter. These are very convenient and entertaining. But with these we are living a digital life and creates the illusion of actually being involved in them rather than physically being involved with them.

Easy Solution-

You can avoid the frequent use of your smartphones and tablets by setting a complex password. For example- you can set a six digit password, and when it becomes easy you can set  8 digit password. This more complex you will make your password, the less you will want to unlock your device in every few minutes.

Technologies has Made us Lazy

The facilities like ordering food from home rather than going to the shop, switching on your TV without having to get up from your sofa, or not requiring to carry your wallet to the place of purchasing, has made our life much easier. But, it has also made us lazier.

Reducing our work load is important, but not having to work at all is not good. It will make us unfit, and obese due to the less burning of our calories. 

Easy Solution-

These apps are important, but you need to use it in a balanced manner. If you can go out and get it yourself then you should never use these apps. Instead, you can go out to have dinner with your friends and families.

Technology can Lead to Dangerous Outcomes

The number of accidents have increased nowadays due to texting while driving, talking on the phone while crossing the road, using helmet cameras to make vlogs and many other reasons. It is apparent that while doing a work if you are occupied with another work, you are bound to miss a thing or two. These moments can cost you your life.

This is happening due to the fact that now making videos, taking calls, texting and many other things which were difficult earlier has now become very easy. 

Easy Solution-

You should keep your phones in “Driver mode” while you are driving. Be sure not to talk or listen to music while crossing a street or just walking. Don’t use any gadgets while doing any work, because they can cause distraction and the effect can be dangerous to you or to others.


So, on the one hand technology has made our lives easier and simple, but on the other hand it has also made our life harder by confining us in a boundary and making us to socialize less. This has brought down the self confidence in people due to lack of physical interaction with other people.

Hence, technology is a boon and a curse. Therefore, we need to use the technologies carefully and only when it is absolutely necessary.