Google is aware of everything we search for. From where we go to which places we visit, this widely popular search engine knows everything. The huge popularity of Google has also attracted hackers from all over the world. Hacking your Google Account will help the hackers gain access to your personal information, online data and peace. Your bank details are also not safe. At times, people tend to ignore the signs that your account is hacked. Thus, the hackers are all set to make the most of this opportunity. The later you recover your hacked Google Account the more dangerous it becomes.

How To Know That Your Google Account Is Hacked?

Google Account Hacked

Usually, if someone else is accessing your account without your permission, you will get the notification in your linked device from Google. Thus, it is very important to set up the account very carefully. If you haven’t provided a device’s number for safety, then a hacked Google account will not let you do that again. However, there are some signs to find out the vulnerability of your Google account.

Here’s how to check if your Google Account is hacked:

  • Any unfamiliar Gmail activity- If your Gmail username has changed or you stopped getting emails, your account may be hacked. Also, if you find any changes in the Gmail settings or filters and your friends are complaining about unusual emails, there are chances that hackers have got hold of your account.
  • Unknown YouTube activity- Your YouTube channel has some unfamiliar changes to profile pictures. There can be some settings you haven’t made or some videos you didn’t upload.
  • Unauthorized payment activity-You might not be aware of the fact that your account is prone to vulnerabilities while you make transactions on Google Play.

google hack

  • Unfamiliar apps- Your account is prone to hacking if you don’t recognize the apps with account access or seen any unfamiliar apps.
  • Unusual Google Play activity- If you find any purchases or comments that you haven’t made, there is a higher chance.
  • Unauthorized account activity and notifications- Due to an unauthorized sign in on a device, your account can be vulnerable to malicious attack. Even when you get notifications about username or password changed or your device has detected any suspicious activity, you need to recover phone number and email address.

Steps to recover a hacked Google Account:

In case, the hacker has changed the login credentials of your Google account, you need to recover it. You can follow these simplified steps to recover your hacked or hijacked Google account easily.

  • Try to get back into your account

If you fail to sign in to your Google account, go to the Account recovery page as soon as possible. Try to answer as much recovery questions as you can. These questions had already asked previously to the user at the time of opening your Google account. If you have tried multiple times and still cannot recover your account, have a look at your account. Verify whether you are login to the right account or not.

  • Secure your Google account

hacked google account recovery

If you succeeded in login into your Google account, follow these steps to secure the account.

  1. Change your password immediately to provide security
  2. Ensure that the recovery email and phone number provided is active and correct
  3. Review your activities, uninstall the extensions and turn off the location sharing
  4. Remove any harmful software in your device and run anti-virus software
  5. Install a more secure browser
  6. Turn on two-step verification to add an extra layer of security to your Google account    

These are the basic methods that can help you recover your hacked google Account. The thing is hackers are pretty smart. They may have already implemented some preventive measures to counteract these basic solutions. Hence, it is suggested to set up your Google Account following each and every step with the utmost care and attention.