Generally people do not realize the importance of vulnerability of their Gmail Account to cyber risk. If this problem becomes successful then it can generate a big list of capable problems.  Sometimes most of your sensitive info is stored in your gmail account.

Just imagine your password got hold by an imposter, the disaster it would have occured. You will have to compromise with your address book contacts, schedule, confidential attachments, and personal conversations. In addition, they may easily find entry to your Amazon, Facebook and other related accounts. 

The most annoying part is that they can log in to your account, send email as you, and can also 

change your password and ban the entry to your own account for an indefinite period.

It Would Turn Out to be a Nightmare if Your Gmail Gets Hacked 

Luckily, there are methods which you can apply to enhance the security of your online information. In this post I will suggest you 3 important and useful steps.

1. Restrain the Access of the Apps to Your Personal Infos 

Each and every time you sign in to an app asking Google account authorization, you are giving that app access to your data. Even though you are not using the app anymore, the data is still available with them. 

In future, before using any app that demand sign in with your Google account, ascertain yourself that there might be better scope and options available. This is also applicable to websites that permits you to sign in with your existing Facebook/Twitter account rather than creating a new one.

If you have questions regarding the safety factor of any website, installing Mywot will work good for you. The extension of Mywot will give you warning if you are on an untrustful site or you are made publicly available to some other online risk. 

2. Make Changes to Your Password Frequently 

It is advised to change your password in few months. First of all, you should never leak out your password to anyone. Even if you had to give it to someone, do change it quickly. In order to change your password go to

Few tips to create an unhackable password?

  • Do not use an identical password over and over again for more than one website. If your account is hacked, the hacker will make use of that password to try access to your other accounts.
  • Ascertain that your password is strong enough. Also don’t make use of any words that is available in the dictionary or private information. 
  • You can measure the strength of your password by testing it on the password meter.

3. 2-Step Verification Sign Up is a Must

To protect your Gmail with an additional layer the 2-Step verification is a great option. This is essential if you open  your email on public systems. To launch the 2-step verification go to in your Google account.

When you sign in to your Google account from any unknown system, you will be prompted by Google to enter a verification code through SMS, voice calling or Google’s mobile application. If you use the same computer regularly, there appears a box you can tick on. Hence, Google might not ask you to finish the 2-step verification procedure again.   

Ending Note:

By now you know what you have to do in order to secure your Gmail account. In simple words, sign in to your account, if you cannot sign in, review activity and help secure your account and further take more security measures to safeguard your account.