Auto AC is known as automotive air conditioning which is used to remove the humidity from the air in the car. Thus, it is very important to recharge the air conditioning in time to make sure the auto AC is working properly. Recharging means adding fresh refrigerant to the system. It is very important to select the best auto AC repair Dubai, so that it can work efficiently.

Mainly the auto AC is used during summer months when you experience sweat and a sweltering environment. You can say that auto AC is a blessing when you are driving the car. There are common problems that your auto AC can face and to solve the problems you need to go for the best auto AC repair.

But, the question comes – how will you know which repair shop is the best one. We will help you out. And, before we go on with the guide, let’s discuss some of the common problems that you might face.

Common Problems

You rely on your car every day and it won’t be wrong to say there won’t be any issues with auto AC, problems with AC can arise anytime. Thus, servicing is the only way out. Over here we will discuss some of the common issues that you can also face.

Not cooling properly

This problem arises due to leakage in the refrigerator. One of the important components in AC is the refrigerator that allows cooling the vehicle. Without proper functioning, the refrigerant won’t be able to cool down your car.

Vents are not able to release the air

If the vents are not clean, then the hot air cannot pass, thus won’t be able to cool down the car. This problem might also arise if it has a damaged blower motor or a resistor. To make sure that the air properly circulates, you have to go to the AC Repair Dubai service centre.

Smelly AC

It might be possible that as soon as you turn on the AC a foul smell is coming from the AC. It might be because of the growth of the bacteria or the accumulation of dust. You have to replace the filter to make sure that the AC is working properly.

AC making weird noises

You might also see that after turning on, the AC is making weird noises. This can be the worst thing that can happen. You need to take expert help to make the AC workable. And for that, you need to know which repair shop provides the best service.

Tips to Select the Best Auto AC Repair Centre

It is very important to choose the right auto AC repair Dubai centre for your car. You own a car and it needs to have proper servicing and parts repaired. And, the AC system is one of the most used parts. To find the best repair shop some tips are given below.

Credential of the Company

It is important to check the credentials of the company. If you are searching in online mode, check the subject matter and read the referral and testimonial. The reviews that are mentioned will help you to choose the right provider. If the reviews are good, then you can go for it. Do proper reach before making any decision. The Internet has given the advantage to look for information related to anything. So, use the advantage well.


The best way to find out which repair shop is the best one is through recommendations from your friends or family. It will be very useful for you, if you can contact the people who have the car from the same manufacturer. For your information, not all companies can deal with all types of cars. So, keeping this in mind you have to select the right company. Thus, it is very important to know the category of your car and the manufacturer before asking for any recommendation. Often incomplete information can lead to the wrong recommendations.

Well Skilled Staffs

It is very crucial to have staff who have enough skill, are well trained and even friendly. If the staff are efficient enough, then they will accurately figure out the problem of the AC, and thus it will be repaired faster. You will get a lot of benefits if you choose a company that is well aware of the tools and equipment. And, you will fix your problem as fast as possible. The company must also use the latest tools to fix the AC. If you notice that they are using outdated models and techniques that means their skill and technique are outdated, too.

Warranty Period

Companies that provide the best services will offer warranties. It not only shows that it is a good service centre, but also they are confident about their service. They are well skilled and know what they are doing. You have to straight away ask about the warranty along with their terms and conditions, even about their policies. This will help you know about the company and you will be able to make the right decision.

Works on Specific Vehicle

You must go for the service agency that works on a specific vehicle. As mentioned, not every company can deal with different models. So, it will benefit you, if you only go for the specific model of vehicle. This will make sure that your AC is on the right hand.


So, these are some of the tips that will help you to select the right AC Repair Dubai service centre. Some common issues are also mentioned so that you have a clear idea and can prevent such situations in the near future.