Android mobile phones are something that we see in each and every hand in this busy city life of today. We all are very much familiar with this device and the various updates it is providing us on a regular basis.

But recently people are appearing with a lot of complaints again these android mobile phones. This is because these devices are seen to be getting slower and slower gradually with the update of the android version.

Many people could not actually make out the origin of the problem. Few of them blamed the device for getting slow, few blamed the RAM and few of them put blame on the software applications they downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Sometimes you may think that updating the operating system of the phone may hype up the speed of the phone but in most cases, it has been seen that updating an Android phone is making is slower.

This article deals with various tips and tricks which will make you know how to get Android update faster.

Do Upgrade the Version of your Android Operating System

Update your android device to the latest version to make access to the newest properties and the most new-fashioned security organizations.

This process varies in different devices with different operating systems, and carriers. Although this procedure is more or less the same and not that complicated.

You Need to Make Away with the Bloatware

The software applications that were present in your device already. They are actually supplied by your carriers or by the manufacturer of the device.

If you root your device, then the only removal of bloatware becomes possible. Well, if you do not want to root your mobile phone then also you do not need to worry.

There are other techniques to eliminate bloatware from your device. For instance, you can uninstall the updates to these particular bloatware applications for saving more space for storage. Also, uninstalling these updates can restrict them from getting updated automatically.

This brings us to the Next Method – Rooting your Phone

Sometimes, it is not possible to get the latest update of Android on your phone because it is not supportive of it. You may get an update after your carrier provides an update.

This will take place months after the original release of the update. If you go for rooting your smartphone, you can update your android operating system and get an entrance to use the brand new feature without having to go through your carrier.

As I have already mentioned in the last point, rooting also provides certain benefits like allowing the removal of pre-installed applications, get a way in the features that are blocked by the carrier, and many more.

It is a little bit complicated and tricky process to root your mobile phone. But, it can be worth it.

Do Thorough Research on your Manufacturers

Not all smartphone brands provide an Android operating system update at the same time. The time for update varies from brand to brand.

So if you want to get the update right after the version gets released, you need to choose your next device from a brand that has been ranking at the top for a long time.

There are companies that are not so big and produce new phones but they actually do not care about updating the products.

You Need to Stay Updated with the Freshest Flagships

There is a fact which is sad but true and you might not even know. The latest updates are available only to those devices which are rated as the best in the market, the most developed, and hence, the most expensive.

The smartphones and tablets that are a bit low graded do not get any sort of updates and thus remain ‘old fashioned’ and are gradually forgotten by the consumers as everybody moves on. You can go for a second-hand top-rated device if you are short on budget.

Use the File Manager Present in the Device by Default

In the previous days, you needed to install a third-party application for the management of the applications and files on your device. If your device is running on Android Marshmallow or anyone after that, you will get to access a default file manager on your device.

You can go for viewing your files by going to the storage followed by the USB section in the device settings.

Here, you can check the used space and the available space left on your device. You can have a look at all the installed applications here and also copy files to the cloud.

Make a Longer Battery Life

A low battery always downgrades the phone’s performance. To prevent this, what you can do is carry a portable charger or a power bank for charging your phone whenever and wherever needed.

There is another option you can apply to prevent the battery of your phone from drainage. Turn off the wi-fi and Bluetooth on your device when you are not using them.

Turn off the applications that are not using at present but still running in the background.

There is also another option. You can activate the battery saving option which available Android Lollipop onwards.

Expand the Space on your Phone Storage Drive

Your phone will definitely slow down just like your computer or laptop if it starts to lose space. To prevent this occurrence, you need to delete the unnecessary files from your device, uninstall the applications that you do not use anymore, diable those applications that you use but not very often.

Also, turn off the applications that you are not using but still are running in the background. from Apps in the Settings menu.

Clean up the cached data which eats up a lot of device memory. You can keep a trusted junk cleaning application on your phone to eliminate the unnecessary stuff on a regular basis.

Fix the Default Applications

After you click on any link, it might get open in an unwanted or wrong browser. If it is so, go to Settings and get to know which application is set as the default app for some significant operations. Clean them down and set the required application there.

Be Concerned about Mobile Security

One thing that you need to know is android mobiles carry the risk of security blemishes. You need to be careful about things that might cause problems related to the security of the device.

Do not click on links that might appear from any unknown sources. Use the most trusted security applications to protect your phone from any sort of malware or cyber-attacks.

There are applications and websites which want to know your location or have access to your gallery or contacts even if that does not seem to be a necessity for that app or website. So, do not let them do it until and unless it is a faithful platform and promises data security.

Do encryption on your device to make the data privacy more sturdy.

Even Tutorials can Help

Finally, if you face any sort of problems regarding speeding up your Android, follow numerous tutorials provided on the internet. Also, each and every brand provide tutorials on updates on its own website.


These are the basic and the most important techniques you can follow to get faster Android updates on your mobile phones.

If you face any sort of problem with the speed of your Android update, you can go through these easy tricks to get a new face on your old smartphone.

Comment your views on this and also let us know if this piece could help you to get through any sort of foibles that tries to bring down the speed of your device. A small feedback from you will always help us to give better assistance.

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