If it is a machine it has to show some problems at some point in time. A gadget comes with many repairing options but when you have nothing left to do, resetting is the only choice we are left with.

With the days changing, the methods of repairing any device have become simpler. Now, everything on a phone, a tablet, or a desktop is generally stored in the cloud and can be synced back again which is comparatively an easy process.

Syncing back all the data of your device and creating a backup is what you need to do before you go for resetting the device. Make sure where are your music, photos, and other required materials and then you should go for the process.

Why Resetting is Important?

A backup is very much required because after resetting your device you will get it as it was during the original state – all the stored data will be wiped from your device.

You have to give your device a fresh start by installing the applications and other materials once again.

The best and the most important benefit of resetting a device is that it gets rid of all the flaws it has like malware, virus, or any other undetectable harmful software.

Resetting a device is not only about the management of data. If you do a factory reset on your device, your device will gain working speed other than being free of errors.

You will also have more space to install any software application which you wanted to do before but could not for lack of memory or any problem in the support system if the device.

How to Reset some Commonly used Gadgets? – A Set of Easy Steps

Knowing the steps to reset any device you own is very important. So, here are a set of guidelines you need to know to reset some important and common devices that you use on a regular basis which basically includes android phones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, laptops, MacBooks, and so on.

How would you Reset an Android Mobile Phone?

If you are thinking “How to reset my phone?” here is the set of simple steps.

Android phones may vary from each other but the latest Android phones come with the Settings options which are more or less the same in each and every phone.

For resetting an Android mobile phone you need to go to Settings. The next step is to tap on the System option, then go to the Advanced settings and then go to Reset options.

Now, choose Erase all data (factory reset) for getting the job done. While doing this step, you will get a warning message which will tell you that all your data will be deleted along with contacts, pictures, and other stuff.

Be double-sure and then confirm the factory reset. Done! Your Android mobile phone is reset and its totally new to use again.

How would you be Resetting your iPhone or iPad?

If you are an iOS user, the process of resetting your phone or tab is a little different than that of Android mobile phones or tablets.

For resetting your iPhone or iPad, first, you need to open up the Settings window. Then, what you need to do is tap on Reset followed by the Erase All Content and Settings option.

Same as an Android phone or tablet a confirmation screen appears. Your device will ask you whether you really want to perform the reset or not. If you are sure about this, go for it.

This time your device will ask you for the Apple ID or the device passcode. There is another way of resetting your iOS. You can do that with the help of iTunes on Windows or via the Finder on mac operating system Catalina.

How can you Perform a Reset on a macOS Desktop or a Laptop?

Resetting your computer is a bit difficult than doing the same for your phone. Here are the steps to perform a factory reset on your macOS desktop or a laptop.

First, turn off your Mac. while you start up your device again, hold the Command and R keys simultaneously on the keyboard. Then, the Mac Utility Window appears.

After the Mac Utility window appears on the screen, you have to go to Disk Utility for completely deleting the main hard drive from your Mac.

After you are done with it, Reinstall Mac OS for getting a brand new copy of the operating system in the right place.

Thus, you get a very fresh Mac OS desktop or a MacBook. Not that hard, I guess.

How would you be Resetting a Windows Computer or a Laptop?

This method is a little easier than the one for the macOS desktops or laptops. For performing a reset on your Windows computer, you have to go to the Settings window.

The next step is to choose Update & Security. Next, go to Recovery.

You will get to see a Get Started button under the Reset this PC heading. Click on it.

The operating system will show you the steps to reset your computer. This set of steps will also show you the provide you the option to delete or keep your files. If you have the backups ready with you, go for the delete option to get all your files deleted while the device is going through a reset.

How will you be Resetting a Google Home Speaker?

You need to press and keep on holding the mute button in the microphone for fifteen seconds on the typical Google Home. It is the reset button below the power cord in the case of Home Mini. If you are using Home Max, then it is the reset button near the power cord on the back.

If you are using a Nest Hub, then it is the two volume buttons on the back held down concurrently.

How will you be Resetting an Apple TV?

To reset your apple television you have to get to the Settings of Apple TV. Then, what you need to do is choose System and Reset options.

You have to choose the Reset option once again to confirm that you really want to reset the TV. Select the Reset and Update option for the application of the current tvOS version, instead of the one the device originally got launched with.

Do not worry as this process is going to take a bit of time.

How will you be Resetting an Android TV?

The process for resetting a smart TV varies from model to model, brand to brand. Usually, you need to get an online tutorial before performing the reset. However, in the case of Android televisions, you can do it by yourself from the Settings options.

In the Settings options, go to Storage and Reset. Next, you need to hit on Factory Data Reset followed by the Erase everything option.

A confirmation message will appear to make you double sure if you want to perform the reset. Click on Yes to carry on the procedure.

How will you be Resetting an Apple Watch?

The very first step is to go to the My Watch tab in the Apple Watch application for iOS and unpair the device by tapping on the wearable followed by the “i” button and finally click on Unpair Apple Watch.

Now, on the Apple watch itself go to Settings application followed by General. Next, go to the Reset button and Erase All Content and Settings.

The last and the final step is to tap on Erase All to make the confirmation of the reset operation.

How will you be Resetting an Xbox One?

To perform a reset on your Xbox One, you need to press the Xbox button present on the controller. Then, choose Settings followed by System and finally Console info.

Click on Reset Console which will give you three options on the screen – wipe everything, select Reset and remove everything, and keep your installed applications and games.

How will you be Resetting your PlayStation 4?

Resetting a PS4 model is a pretty straightforward process.

Open the Settings option followed by Initialization and Initialize PS4. Choose the Full option followed by the confirmation of the action.

Concluding Remark

These are some very important resetting method for some very common products we use. Resetting your product will always make it lose all the data it was storing in but it will improve your device on many aspects.

I hope this article was a useful guide if you ever want to reset any one of the products you own. Leave a comment below to let us know how helpful this was. Share our content with other people to make them gain knowledge of these resetting procedures.