Apple is going to release its iOS 14 very soon. The beta version is already available and people are also downloading it. But unfortunately, it is full of bugs and not at all perfect. As a result, several complications are being reported. 

When this kind of issue takes place, finding troubleshooting solutions is the most important task. According to expert analysis from the iPhone Repair Company, iPhone users who will get iOS 14 updates should hold their patience and wait until the full version comes into the picture. 

What are the Issues associated with iOS Updates?

After updating the system, iPhone users are facing problems with iOS. Here’s a list of the problems that are being reported:

  • Bugs in the OS
  • Face ID not working properly
  • The quick drain of battery
  • Certain camera problems
  • Sim card Issues and others

Possible Fixes of iPhone Update Issues

Whenever you face issues with the updates, finding out the best possible solutions for iPhone repair is the primary objective. Without further ado, let’s check them out one by one. 

  • Reboot the Device 

This method is one of the most common and easy among the lot. Whenever you face any problems regarding the OS updates, just press and hold the Power button for a few seconds. When you see the Apple logo, release it. Hopefully, this will help you to recover the sluggish behaviour of iOS. 

  • Look out for More Updates 

It might happen that after the iOS update, more additional patches of your network carrier that are available within a very short period of time. For this reason, you have to access the “Settings” and then move to “General”. After that, tap on “About” and a pop up will appear if you have any updates. If not, then there are no carrier updates available for you. 

  • Reset the Network Settings 

After the iOS update, you might face problems with the network settings as well. For this instance, you will not get a proper connection while communicating with others. That is why resetting the network settings might be a decisive way for the iPhone repair process and to roll back the network connections in perfect condition. 

You might face a few hectic situations as the network settings will delete all your saved network information. But, in the end, it might solve your problem too. Visit the “Settings” and go to “General” option. After that, tap on “Reset” and choose “Reset Network Settings”. Now, apply all the necessary credentials and hopefully, everything will work well.

  • Take out and Re-insert your SIM card

Removing and then re-inserting the SIM card is also a hack that can resolve most of the issues regarding iOS updates. Turn off your phone, grab the SIM ejector tool, and remove your SIM card. Wait for a few minutes, re-insert the SIM and turn on your phone. It will fix all the issues that have occurred with the updates with respect to calling and messaging. 

  • Device Reset

The last option to resolve the update problem in your iPhone is resetting the entire device. This will delete the recently downloaded system update files. As a result, your phone will roll back into its working condition once again. A few experts call this an important iPhone repair solution to all the major problems.

Visit the “Reset” option in the “Settings” and tap on “Reset All Settings”. Now, wait for some time until the process is done. After that, your device will be in factory set condition, just like you had bought it. Now, hopefully, no problems will occur after the reset process. 

What is the right time to update your iPhone?

The greed for new features in the latest version of iOS will simply lead you to fall into critical situations. That is why when any mobile device’s new system software is released, you must not hurry to download it. 

It is the beta version and still under development. It contains bugs that will not allow you to use your device smoothly. All you need to do is to hold your patience and wait till the full version is released. Contact for iPhone Repair Dubai to fix the issue without any hassle.