Everyone loves hacks. And if you are an iPhone owner, you must know its secrets. iPhone is now a decade old; you might be thinking you know all about it. But it’s not so. Your iPhone still has features that are yet unexplored by many. So, here we are, unveiling the mystery. We will let you know about certain tips and tricks that will make your iPhone work smarter. These iPhone hacks may you take you by surprise but all of them really works!

iphone hacks

Doing Things Without iTunes

Can you back up the contents of iPhone without iTunes? Yes, you can. You can backup and install the apps of iPhone without iTunes. But only if you are updated to iTunes 12.7. Apple removed play store from iTunes in that updated version. So, this denotes a lot more freedom for you. Now, you can extract apps from the play store individually, take the backup and even export your iMessages. You couldn’t have done that with iTunes.

Charge Your iPhone Faster

charge iphone faster

No one likes to wait till eternity for their phone to charge. In iPhone, you can speed up the process with just the press of a button. Knock out your phone’s data draining features by putting it in the flight mode. This will take off the strain from the battery. So, if you are in a hurry, add some extra power to your phone with a little swap.

Find What Your iPhone Knows About You

Yes, you heard me right. Sounds creepy but is true. Your iPhone is your stalker. It secretly collects data about you in the background. Go to the location settings in the privacy section of your setting. Under the frequent locations in the system services, you will find information about you, the apps you use most, how much data you use and where are you. There, you can also see the places you have visited and how much of your time you have spent in those places.

A Toolbox Essential

There must have been times when you must have wished to have a Level tool. Well, you will be surprised to know you had it in your hand the whole time. Swipe left your compass, and there you will find a bubble gauge. You can use that to check if you have put that shelf straight.

Lock The Focal Point Of Your Camera

lock focal point

I know you have been through that as well. You set a focal point in your camera, and you adjust the camera for a better view, and wait, the focal point is gone. If only you knew how to fix that point. Don’t just do a little tap on the screen, but press it down for a few seconds until ‘AF Locked’ popup appears. Now, you won’t lose your focus again.

Custom Vibration

You can set different ringtones for different callers. But do you know you can tell who is calling by the way your iPhone vibrates as well? I guess not. Select the person from your contact list and then go to edit. You will find the option for vibration. Go there, create a new vibration and guess who is calling when your phone buzzes.

Correcting Siri

It feels good to correct someone smug with I-know-it-all attitude. Instead of Siri bossing you around, you can be the master. Well, you can have the pleasure of correcting Siri. When she pronounces a name wrong, or anything for that matter, say- ‘That’s not how you pronounce it.’ Siri will ask for the correct pronunciation.

Set The Times To Your Music

Many of us love listening some soothing melody while drifting to sleep. And we often wake up in the middle of the night with some weird sound playing into our ear. Well, not anymore. You can now put the timer on your music. Go to the time option in your clock. In the ‘when time ends’ section, you will see a tag of ‘stop playing’. So, when the times hits zero, your music from iTunes or Spotify will be turned off.

Take A Still In Video

If you are taking a video and you feel like taking a still, you don’t have to stop and swap. Just press the other tiny round button on the corner of the screen, and the still is taken. You can also switch to burst mode by holding down the photo button in your camera and take a series of pictures of the moment of action. You will never miss a second.


Old models of iPhones were pretty handy. As they grew in size, it became hard to access it using one hand. It is especially troublesome for people with small hands. For that, Apple has added a feature of reachability. Just tap the home button twice, your entire screen will shift down. This will make it easy for you to reach to the places you usually struggle with.

There is a lot more to your iPhone than the secrets mentioned above. By now, you must have understood your phone is still a stranger to you, and you need to discover more of it. Trust me, it could be your best friend in time.