The modern world does not run technology. This world is run by technology where the Internet plays the most important role. The internet is the only this we are spending most of our time on.

From searching for a piece of information about a new device to playing games online, the Internet has taken over the whole planet. From buying a dress to ordering food from a restaurant, from booking flight tickets to booking hotels the Internet has been the most helpful medium to make our life way easier.

The 21st Century is a busy era. People are running from day to night for the achievement of their goals. Thanks to the Internet to be a big support to this lifestyle although it is the only thing that is responsible for the creation of this busy world.

Sometimes we all face problems with it as the speed gets decelerated. We have to know the techniques so that we can make Internet speed faster by ourselves.

The best part of using the Internet is it saves time. We are in a busy world stuffed up with studies, jobs, a bit of recreation if we get any free time and several other tasks. So, managing time is important. The Internet has been helping people since ages by keeping things right in front of our nose whenever we are in need.

The Internet – the Ultimate Gift

This life-changing invention of the Internet is one of the most amazing conceptions. In no time it gives opens a gateway to a world of knowledge, information, data, and entertainment.

This platform has become the base of everything as it provides tonnes of benefits to the Internet surfers.

The various advantages you get from the Internet are mentioned here.

  1. The very basic thing that we all know is it is a totally different dimension providing tonnes and tonnes of information related to anything.
  2. For the evolution of various social media sites, we can now share own moments with the world, share a bunch of important content, and thus increasing the connectivity with the rest of the world.
  3. With the Internet, we get to know the exact location of any place we do not know about helping us to explore the world more and gain much practical knowledge and personal experience.
  4. Taking the help of this amazing creation, you can deposit money to the bank, withdraw money, or do a smooth transfer of money from your account to somebody else’s bank account.
  5. We are able to buy things from various shopping websites like Amazon and eBay. You can even sell your own products online and gain a different section of customers and expand your business.
  6. In the field of work, you can also work for various firms and earn money from home.
  7. Many places with very low development and education rate, places effected badly with a natural disaster or destroyed land for terrorist attacks need help from the world to meet the food cost and reconstructing what they lost. So, with the help of the Internet, you can help the needful with online donations and funding.
  8. Obviously, you cannot skip the point of entertainment while talking about the Internet. Playing games online and watching movies, series, and videos are the latest trends each and everybody follows.
  9. Internet of Things, or more commonly called IoT, has given a new room for the smart home technology.
  10. There are various software applications which are specially made for students to make study easier and get connected with various teachers from all around the world.

Sometimes Speed is an Issue

Nowadays Internet speed has become a major issue while surfing on various websites. It is a great problem when a website takes more time to load especially when we are in a hurry in search of any information.

It may happen that the Internet speed drops as soon as a movie gets 94% downloaded and it takes an eternity to get the movie on your device. These are some flaws that are very common while dealing with the Internet.

So, I have some techniques mentioned in the following section to make Internet speed faster in no time.

1. You Can Change Your DNS (Domain Name System)

The Domain Name System or the DNS is responsible for translating easy-to-read URL addresses into original Internet IP addresses. The company that provides you the Internet service picks up the DNS server you would use.

There are various alternate DNS servers you can opt for which guarantee you to raise the speed of the Internet and can generate data comparatively with more speed.

2. Termination of the DNS

Termination does not actually mean flushing out the DNS. This term actually means you can reset the way the websites get improvement. Initially, this can slow down the speed but as you go with time you will be seeing that the speed of the sites is getting faster and faster as the older entries get reduced.

3. Turning off Images is a Great Way of Raising the Speed

There are times when you might be looking for raw text content only. Most of the web pages are full of images and a web page will take more time as images take more time to get loaded.

So disabling images on the internet can accelerate the speed of the Internet on an excessive rate. With this, you will not be able to enjoy the complete features of the website but you will definitely get through what you exactly wanted to get.

In Chrome, you can go to Advanced > Site Settings > Images. Then you can choose to disable the images. The method is more or less the same for the other well-known browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and so on.

4. Split your Tabs

If you have a ton of web pages already open in the background, your Internet speed is definitely going to slide down, especially the speed of the web page you are currently using. There is an extension known as the Great Suspender that comes with Chrome.

It eliminates the unused tabs from the memory until you choose to go back to them. Similarly, Tab Suspender comes with Firefox.

5. Going for Lower Quality May not be a Problem

You may face the very popular problem of video buffering while watching a video online on YouTube or watching a live football match. Now, imagine the Internet speed gets a major disruption and the video starts buffering. It is very irritating.

So make the video quality low like 360p or 240p. It reduces video buffering. Well, you might not every detail on the screen for the lower quality but you will definitely not face the problem of videos getting stuck at the point of a very crucial event.

6. Know the Shortcut Keys

Keyboard shortcuts always help you to access the Internet web pages comparatively faster. It also takes less time to perform various tasks like opening a new window, opening a link on a different tab and so on.

7. Use a Data-saving Browser

You can get the lite version of many browsers which consumes much less memory and data while surfing. So going for applications like Chrome Lite is better than using the original Google Chrome.

You can change the user mode of the browsers from the Settings option. Convert the user mode to Lite mode and so you will be able to use the Internet without any flaw in the speed.

Parting Note

These are the major techniques you can go for while surfing on the Internet whenever you face a lack of speed. Follow them and enjoy the benefits in a better way.

I hope this article served you well with the solutions you need to know. Comment down in the box provided below to let us know if this guide was helpful.

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