Reddit and Linkedin are going to release a certain code that will fix the copy option in the clipboard. The clipboard of the iPhone doesn’t have any issues, but users will not be able to copy any texts or items in the clipboard of the device. Each keystroke that you use to type on your iPhone by opening the Reddit or Linkedin app is copied to the keyboard.

According to tech reports, people think that this shouldn’t happen. After monitoring all the complaints, these two hosts of social media applications have taken this drastic step. This will eliminate the confusion among the users whether their typed information is getting stolen or not. 

What applications need to access the clipboard?

Apple, the tech giant said that it is not at all a vulnerability. There are various legitimate reasons why an application needs a clipboard. 

When someone wants to access a website containing a messaging platform, the password manager needs the clipboard to store the password. After that, it will deliver it into the password-protected platform. 

What Reddit Says?

Reddit said that they will release the fix on 14th July 2020. Before getting the complaints, the technical team of Reddit ran a survey and tracked the actual code path. After that, they have also checked the URL dashboards with post title suggestions. After that, they decided to introduce fixes. 

Linkedin’s Speech

Linkedin’s vice-president of Customer Products has stated that there are a few people who noticed this matter of keystrokes. After getting the news, Linkedin has conducted the procedure of equality check in order to witness what is really going on in the clipboard of the Linkedin app. 

But, clearly, they didn’t say all the possible details. In addition to that, Linkedin also announced that the copy of the clipboard feature will no longer be there after the next update from App Store.