Automotive hacking doesn’t bother you, right? Indeed, hacking a car’s security system is not yet a common crime. But wait there. Focus on the term “yet”. With advancing technologies and upcoming electric cars, you have become more exposed on more surfaces for attacks. As you are approaching the inception of entirely autonomous vehicles, you are looking at possible vulnerabilities. Surprisingly, over a 100 microcomputers connect your car to the outside world. It’s fascinating, yet profoundly scary. Even though they are meant for your security, they also make your vehicle prone to attacks by hackers. Also, your WiFi and Bluetooth put your car at risk. Therefore, you need to protect your beloved vehicle from the onslaught of hackers. Go through the  Top 10 Hacks To Avoid Getting Your Car Hacked.

car hacked

1. Avoid remote keyless systems to lock car doors

Please, drop that look of frustration on your face. Admittedly, remote keyless systems make your life easier. However, your car faces high exposure to hacking. Often, you need to beat newer threats with older weapons.

Therefore, it’s better just to let go of the key fob. Instead, be happy with the central door lock. You might feel technologically disappointed. At least, you get to drive freely without inhibitions. So, stop forcing yourself insane with worries!

2. Keep your keyless fob guarded

keyless fob guard

Admittedly, hacking into your keyless fob takes flying hacking degrees! But, it’s still possible.  Hackers use an amplifier that tricks your car. Consequently, hackers gain access to the vehicle. Indeed, you risk losing all your stuff inside the car AND the car itself!

3. Have faith in your ancient steering wheel lock

Indeed, hackers are more comfortable hacking into your car if it’s filled with hi-tech facilities. It’s equivalent to an open invitation for crime. As a matter of fact, these high-end tech gadgets are not to be blamed. Our need to connect with them all the time is the one that needs to be blamed. It is due to this connection that hackers get the chance to disrupt your driving experience.

In this regard, the good old steering wheel lock saves your day. They will let your car be and move on to the next. I am not planting ideas, though!

4. Trust in Tesla

I already stated my concerns regarding electric vehicles. Although Tesla has electric cars, it’s much more secured against threats of hacking. Tesla shows all the software vulnerabilities to the cybersecurity experts. Indeed, this serves as a massive line of defence for your car.

Also, you can go for a General Motors commodity. It’s as good as Tesla.

5. Don’t get shocked, but it’s better to avoid state-of-the-art cars

If you love top-of-the-line cars, you would probably hate me saying this. However, expensive cars have more features that hackers can easily access. That is, you are even more vulnerable due to your car’s hi-tech systems Again, Tesla is an exception here.

After all, it’s not a necessity to enable WiFi in your car. Fascinating, yes. Essential, no. You don’t need to jeopardize your automobile’s safety for a little fun. Instead, be happy with a quality ride.

6. Accessorise with Apple CarPlay

car hacked

You can get a car that has Apple CarPlay or Android Audio facilities. Indeed, you get way better security compared to other entertainment platforms.

7. You need an OBD lock

No need to be puzzled. Onboard diagnostics or OBD connects your car to the outside world. You diagnose all sorts of repairs through this portal. Therefore, you are also gifting the cybercriminals easy access to your car. On top of that, you give away access to your Electronic Data Recorder. There’s no denying how devastating that could be.

I suggest you get an OBD lock for defence. Your privacy is safeguarded. Indeed, no one will get hold of your car’s data without admission. Deal with that, hackers!

8. All insurance programs aren’t so assuring

Don’t be a dummy and jump into any insurance plan you see. These insurance programs involve plugging a dongle into the OBD lock. I guess, you already know how vulnerable that is. Moreover, the dongle connects your car to the insurer through a “secure” network. Not so secure, guys!

Indeed, a highly proficient hacker easily gets hold of the dongle. Thereby, he establishes control over your car. Yes, it’s real and scary. Hence, stay away from such deceiving insurances.

9. Don’t try installing an OBD dongle

obd dongle

Even you shouldn’t try your hand at fixing a dongle in the USB port. You might think this will keep you better connected to your car. However, you open all the doors for the “black hat” hackers too. Although it’s delightful to monitor your automobile, you could accidentally ruin the electronic control unit (ECU).

10. Avoid sticking in random USBs

Admittedly, USBs are one of your favourite friends. Don’t let it be your route to doom. Indeed, hackers skilfully take advantage of an array of electronics. USB is a rather easy target for them.

In case you intend to buy a brand new sophisticated car, make sure you run through these easy hacks. After all, your car is your latest fashion statement. But a high-end car can put you in trouble in the middle of a highway without any prior warning due to hackers.