Hacking and security breaches have increased throughout the world. The hackers are accessing people’s personal data, bank details and other sensitive information and using it for their benefit.

The example of some serious security breaches are the Cambridge Analytics and Equifax. This raises a lot of concerns. 

Nowadays, almost all of our digital works are done through mobiles. Our mobiles contains almost all of our details. Hence to get more privacy and security we need to have some encrypted apps for our phones. 

One of the most used mobile OS is the Android OS. So, let’s see what are the top security apps for android devices.

1. ExpressVPN

If you were not using any Virtual Private Network (VPN), then you should start using one immediately. Of all the VPN apps out there, this is the most effective one. 

It works by doing encryption of the traffic going in and out of your device and diverting it through an intermediate server located outside of your location. This helps in hiding the digital footprint from the hackers.

Some other advantages of VPNs are that they are able to unlock position restricted subject like Hulu, Netflix, Espn and many more. 

ExpressVPN is the most eligible because of its military-level encryption, huge network of servers, and tremendous speed. It also has a policy of not saving any data of the users, which is not like any other free VPNs, which takes part in unethical activities.

2. Signal Private Messenger

Nowadays all the messaging app like WhatsApp and LINE has end-to-end encryption. However, for those who take the matter of their privacy very seriously, they can use Signal Private Messenger.

It is a messaging service which focuses strongly on privacy. It provides an end-to-end encryption and open-source code for all messages. Due to this, it has gained a huge popularity among the people who cares very much for their privacy.

In addition, it saves no information of the user’s activities. There is also no storing of metadata, like the names of the members or group icons. These are the information which can be tracked by the hackers.

3. Hushed

It is always irritating when you have to give your number to any sales person and then you are flooded with calls from the sales person. 

Hushed makes it possible for you to make a temporary number. This is most suitable when you are giving your phone number on any advertisement on Craigslist or filling any forms. 

It also helps you to make another IDs and control various numbers for business or personal purposes. This will relieve you from carrying additional phones.

4. DuckDuckGo

Google is a very important for doing our daily work. But it also stores some of the individual data. This allows to send the irritating advertisement whenever you visit a website. Some of the policies of Google are quite invasive. A lot of the users end up signing the terms and conditions policies without reading them. What they do not know is that they might be giving consent for monitoring their digital footprint.

DuckDuckGo is a substitute search engine which do not save any data and even goes out of its way to delete any data that a website has stored.

Besides, it’s protection features allows to restricts the advertisement network to track you. It is also capable of tracking the person who is trying to track you.

5. ProtonMail

Google is using its tracking feature not only on its search menu, but also planning to work in Gmail to give more targeted ads to the users. However, the most alarming part of it is that Gmail and other email providers are not end-to-end encrypted. 

ProtonMail is an email provider which is much more secure than Gmail. It was specifically made at CERN as an open source so that the codes can be changed whenever it is necessary.

This allows you to send any password-protected emails or messages that will delete itself after a duration of time. These messages are so encrypted that not even the company can figure out the content of your emails or messages.

6. LastPass

People have the tendency to use the same password for many of the sites. However, it can be very tiresome to create a new password for different sites. But, the problem is that you are more prone to get hacked as all the passwords cannot be strong. 

LastPass acts as a password generator and as a password manager. This stores your information securely in their vaults. It is also able to change your password automatically after a particular interval of time. 

7. Find My Device

This is a priority app from Google. It is very helpful in locating your Android device when it gets lost. You can do the setting of viewing location information, and it can also play sound if it is within our hearing range. 

With the help of this app you can send a callback number, which will be displayed on the sereen. Therefore, is any one finds your phone, they can call back at that number to return your phone.

8. Norton Security and Antivirus

Antivirus applications are used not just for ensuring your privacy, they are also used for finding and removing any spyware or malware on you device, which has the potential to lock you out from your phone. 

Norton not only provides time-to-time scanning of your phone, but also provides features like blocking unwanted calls, messages, locking devices remotely and locating the device if it gets stolen or gets lost.


Hence, these are the best personal security apps to use on your Android smartphones. By using these privacy and security app, you will not need to worry about getting your phone hacked by other people. 

Therefore, start using these apps today and so you may not be in danger of getting your private and important information stolen by hackers.