From ordering food to buying groceries, everything is online and just a tap away on your smartphone, isn’t it? Most of the people check out their Instagram stories on their mobile phones right after waking up. Smartphones have made our lives both easier and risky. Yes, you saw that right. High-end smartphones have paved the way for hackers to break open your passwords and steal your online data, private information and mental peace.

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The smartphones are a whole and an incredible world in itself. We do audio as well as video calling too. It conducts the whole world with the help of many applications. That also calls for an enhanced online security as hackers are out there looking for an opportunity to hack your mobile phone. Thus, it is essential to know the tips and tricks to save your phone from such attacks. Let’s check out the methods that can help you protect your phone from cyber-attacks.

Protect your smartphones from hackers

However, we all blame others for anything wrong happened to us. But, we should always know that our safety is in our hands first, whether it is of life or your smartphones. Here are some tips to keep your phone safe and secure from being hacked.

Keep your phone password protected

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Always keep your phone password protected so that only you can access your phone. But always keep in mind to keep your password confidential. It will prevent your phone from hacking if lost or someone tries to access your phone without your permission.

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Lock apps with app lock

Not only the phone you should keep your applications locked too with a pin. No one would be able to access or install or uninstall applications from your phone. As well as not able to read the private information.

Download apps from trusted sites

We usually download various applications for our smartphones. But we never care about whether the website is esteemed or not. Always download it from trusted sites. The most trustable site we all prefer is the Google play store.

Read the permissions and accessibility

We generally permit the access to applications. We never read all the permissions what an application wants. But we should always provide access to reliable applications. Likewise, if any gaming app wants to access your contacts and messages, then be aware it an attempt of a hack.

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The android device manager

Use download android device manager. When your device gets lost, it will help to detect the location of your smartphone.

Always authenticate your device

You must keep your device authenticated so that second verification could be made for the access of your Google accounts. It will double check for your access to the system. This will keep your record and data more secure and safe.

keep mobile phones malware free

Maintaining an antivirus program running on mobile phones is necessary. We go through various websites, install multiple applications. This can make our smartphone malware detected and can damage your device. The antivirus program will keep your device malware free.

Avoid using public wi-fi

We often use the wifi connectivity. It is either public or protected. But in most cases when we have a free publicly open wi-fi, we connect with it. But we should avoid the wifi connectivity which is public. It is also one of the sources of your data transferred to another source.

Configure the Bluetooth sharing

We must pair the Bluetooth device and configure it before sharing any files. Never share any file from Bluetooth, until it is appropriately set.

Lock screen message pop up

Most of the apps give message and notification which pops in your lock screen. You must keep it hidden. Suppose if you left your phone somewhere and suddenly a critical confidential message pops up. What would happen if someone reads it who has evil intentions? You can be in lots of trouble. So keep it hidden.

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Online Banking May Put You In Trouble

Most of us prefer digital banking and digital marketing. We do the digital transactions most. We go through a various number of websites every day. Most of the sites from them are not secured. They give threats to you when you access the sites. This is because all these kinds of websites are hackers based. They provide access to their websites so that they can obtain your information. This can put you in big trouble if the hackers obtain your data.

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Security threats for mobile phones


We all are familiar with the work of the hackers. But hacking is not the only issue with your mobile phone. The hackers send you fraud links messages which help them to access your call records messaging details as well as your locations. The smartphones are the primary targets for the hackers more than the laptops and personal computers.

In the most cases, it happens that the hackers retrieve the essential data from one’s mobile phone use it for an illegal purpose and then the blame goes all to the victim for the crime. He or she does not have any idea about the offence done in their name.

Not only hackers but the National Security Agency of US have also used the data of honest peoples to do wicked activities. So it used to keep your data and smartphone safe by following the above-mentioned tips.