A random number is something that you cannot identify. What happens when you cannot identify something? You cannot configure it. That is the sole reason cyber security is giving a warm welcome to the Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG). And, what is QRNG? It is basically an order of either number or symbols which cannot be determined randomly. Let me tell you more about it.

Let us see how exactly quantum random number works

Quantum random number generator

We require a random number to secure our private information, communications, secure our online database while using cryptography or gaming purposes. Scientists are working for a very long time now with Random Number Generator (RNG). Finally, a company named Quantum Base at the Lancaster University developed the QRNG.

To begin with, this development is remarkable. The company has looked into the built-in randomness of the quantum particles that is generating a ‘real’ random number.

Quantum random number generator

For years, this particular part of physics underwent extensive experimentation. Mathematicians had their heads turned out due to this single project. While circumventing this problem, Quantum Base utilised the randomness of the photons.

We know photons survive in any of the two-state either -0 or 1, and quantum pieces can exist in any state between them. Here, we cannot recognise the state of the quantum.

That’s the real catch by Quantum Base.

With this, it is developing the Nanoscale quantum random number generator. This is channelling quantum in a structure which is semiconductor in nature called Resonant Tunnelling Diode (RTD)

How the RTD works?

This device eventually overcomes the weaknesses of current key generation or encryption, changing the internet security industry. this can allow technologies like Blockchain to work efficiently.


The idea was first proposed by researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Maryland. Researchers gave a thought of utilising quantum physics to create a random number generator that furnishes incalculable numbers. but, they failed due to a slow machine and highly expensive to be marketed in a commercial way.

Over here, Quantum Base is successful due to the smaller size of the mechanism, high speed and less cost. The QRNG can be of vital importance for online banking information, defence work by the government, social media and online transactions.

Quantum computers challenging classical computers

The study and research for quantum computers are going on since a very long time. What they understood is quantum computers have a highly definitive capability which is not present in any other classical computers.

Computer scientist Ran Raz and Avishek Tal, both announced that there is a specific type of computational problem that they are unable to solve with classical computers.

Since 1993, they have been diagnosing the problem and termed it as ‘BQP’. This BQP combines all the kinds of issues that a quantum computer is able to resolve. Now, this BQP is equated with ‘PH’ that is a combination of problems solved by classical computers.

The result of the two types of problems at the end did not put quantum computers above the classical computers. Engineers until today are figuring out what can be more fruitful with Quantum computers.

Cybersecurity- new age lock

True random number systems cannot be recognised even if their structures or patterns were known before. Actually, the subatomic particles never abide by the natural laws of physics and are absolutely random in their behaviour. Hence, Quantum base was successful to adhere to this innate unpredictability.

The random numbers pose to be an excellent tool for cryptography. Before the QRNG there were numerous cryptography techniques and tools.

quantum cryptography

The first and the foremost way to create a hack-proof cryptography is to create unmatched algorithms which possess no meaning. Secondly, getting hold of the random number. Finally, match the two aspects and send it to the intended recipient so that no one else can have the access.

The U. K ministry also gave the idea of quantum number generation. Today you can these numbers from various companies like ID Quantique. It helps to channelise the distribution by checking detectors where photons are being looked upon.

Today all the commercial generators are restricted for certain special purpose activities. Such as, classifies military database, transactions of big companies etc.

These generators are expensive and are not available to the mass. QRNG is the revolutionary change that has marked its beginning for ultimate cybersecurity.

Have you heard of distributed feedback laser diode? It is a type of semiconductor laser. It helps to oscillate the laser diode between the photon entrance level. Each time a laser surpasses the desired stage, it disburses photons randomly and uses to create encrypted data.

Quside is another company that uses quantum random number generators. Per second gigabyte count is tremendous for counting per second quantum generation. They use a chip fabrication technique which is easy to use and also produce in huge volumes.

Hence, with the release of a quantum random number generator, there will be an enormous amount of random numbers we will ever require.

We should keep in mind that the origin of quantum numbers are not wrong, malicious and produce truly random numbers. The basic need is developing small, cheap and using regularly.

Gamer Benefits

By 2018 has a lot of gaming devices and games at your hands. Many of us may not know, but there are some computer games which are truly random.
In this Newtonian world, the outcome of a rolling dice reflects when it is no longer at our palms. Clueless about what the result would be until it falls to the floor. This is basically randomness.

Accessing true randomness is easy with the quantum scales yet does not seem to reach via ordinary electronics. For example, Super Mario 64, a world famous game is a linear congruential random number generator.


All we need is to wait when we can incorporate these random numbers on our computers and phones. With the widespread technology of quantum security, we do not have to think about encrypting our data. We do not have to worry about any attacker because anyone who tries to hack this particular security system, is evidently going to fail.