Microsoft account hacking has become a common problem for every Microsoft account holder. There are many reasons which can block your Microsoft Accounts.  Sometimes you do not log out and leave your account open. It gives access to other users to use your account. They may hack your account. If you misuse or ignore the terms and condition of Microsoft user account, then your account may be blocked. You should be very careful while using your Microsoft account. Here you will get simple and easy methods to recover Microsoft account.

Always clean up your browser history, and enter the valid email address before login. Check the internet connection. It is a very common reason which can block a user to access the account. So make sure there is a strong connection in your system. If you are suffering from this problem and want to recover Microsoft account with easy solutions, then have a look at this article.  

Easy Methods To Recover Microsoft Account

recover microsoft account

In this article, you will get many effective ways. Go through the given methods this will help you to recover your Microsoft account.

Use a Strong Password

When it comes to online security, a strong password is always the first and foremost suggestion. If you have a  strong password, it will secure your account from hackers. Nobody can access your account easily. So, it is in your hand, you can secure your Microsoft account from hacking.

Now, a strong password doesn’t mean your name or date of birth. It should not even be your favourite colour or a novel. Always use a combination of alphabets and numbers. Use a jumble of lowercase and uppercase to strengthen your security. The bottom line is: don’t let your password be anything ordinary.

Reset The Previous Password

If you are not able to remember your password then reset the previous one.

  • Open the reset password page and choose a valid reason to change your password
  • Enter previous email address and contact number.
  • Then enter the one-time password
  • Now enter a new password.

Now you will be able to access your account with the new password.

Make Your Account Easier To Recover

Always add security information to make your account more secure and easily recoverable. It can help to protect your account. Always update your security information.

recover microsoft account

Download the Microsoft Authenticator App

With the Microsoft Authenticator app, you can access your account without a password. If you forget your password then you can log in to your account without a password. You do not need to reset or change your password.

Do Not Reply To An Email Asking For Your Password

spam email

If an email asks you for any private information then, never reply to them. As mentioned earlier, just like our security systems, hackers also become more advanced. Thus, it is better not to open the email even and directly send it to trash. Because Microsoft never asks password in the email. Make sure that you recognize phishing email messages. It will reduce the chance of hacking of your account.

Check Your Recent Activity

Check your recent activity page to see where you last accessed your Microsoft account. It will help to recognize your last sign-in to your account.

Use Antivirus Software

Scammers can hack your account with malicious software on your computer. Update Microsoft Security Essentials as it reduces the chance of blocking your Microsoft account. It will secure your system to be hacked from others.