The Internet is the doorway to hackers. It makes your online data and information quite susceptible to hack and malware attacks. Hackers typically victimise other computers using spam mail, phishing scams and other harmful websites to deliver dangerous malware to the computer. In fact, your social media account is also not safe. Checking out your Facebook Newsfeed or Instagram stories is probably the first thing you check in the morning unaware of the fact that you have been hacked.


You try to login into your Facebook, iCloud or Gmail but you find out that you can’t get in.  There are times when people ignore these signs. That makes your account more vulnerable to these attacks. Thus, it is important to know about the signs that imply that there’s something wrong with your account. The sooner you identify the issue, the quicker you can solve the problem.

You can point it out with ease if somebody takes control of your account. You will find out that your password is not working. Double-check the password you type and try to login in another system. If you still fail to log in, then your account may be hacked.

Also, you will get suspicious emails if somebody tries to login into your account. Those emails will confirm that your account has been compromised.

Raise the Alarm

Tech giants like Google, Apple and Microsoft do not allow imposters to take over others’ accounts so easily. So if they find any illegal activities, they close one’s account immediately.

So if you sense that your account is blocked, then take the first step, contact technical support service provider. Follow the guideline carefully provided by the engineers.

Different applications posses different recovery methods. And to get back your account, you will have to provide all the genuine information to the service provider like the phone number, email address or any personal questions. To recover back the Facebook account, you may have to provide some information about your facebook’s friends as well. If you are lucky, you can recover your account pretty fast.

Reset Your Passwords

reset password

After login to your account, you will be asked to reset your password once again. This time do not use the password you used before. Also, do not use any simple password that one can guess easily. Always use a mix of alphabets, numbers and characters while setting a password. Also, set a password which is at least eight characters long.

You can also choose the 2-step verification to secure your account. These leave hackers with fewer chances to hack your account. Always remember to log out of all sessions after every usage.

Also, review whether any third-party apps are connected to your account. Change all your credentials- your security questions and phone numbers including your password from time to time. This gives hackers less number of chances to hack your account.

Review your credit cards, financial programs and other bank account details. Also, cross-check whether the hacker has added any unfair payment methods to your accounts or not. If you find your bank account already compromised, consult with your bank personnel and claim back the cash.

Run Security Checks

Windows comes with periodic updates. Windows updates contain the security patches which can safeguard both your Windows and computer device from potential malware. So, install the updates from time to time to keep your system safe and secure all the time.

Also, install third-party antivirus software in your system like Malwarebytes Anti Malware or Kaspersky Antivirus. It will secure your system all the time from any virus. Even the antivirus prevents any malware attack.

That is pretty much about the online account hack. Hope the above solutions will help to secure your system against malware attack.