Before we head in with the main subject that the article is dealing with, let me tell you a bit about Parallels. Parallels is actually a desktop virtualization software application.

It encourages Microsoft Windows Linux as well as Google Chrome OS (operating systems) and applications to execute on a computer that is run by MacOS.

Parallels is a software application that collaborates the outer operating system into the operating system if Mac. (Mac OS X). Thus, it encourages to mimic the performance of native operating systems.

Users can opt for running Mac and guest software applications in a simultaneous manner on the Mac OS or like a completely established guest pseudo desktop.

Case in Point

Users are able to open a Windows application like the Internet Explorer or Windows Media Player from the Mac Finder utility.

In a similar manner, users are able to drag and drop documents, folders along with other data from Windows File Explorer to Finder and vice versa.

Users can also alter operating system X with Windows without doing a reboot to their computers and select which OS they desire particular applications to open in.

It does not matter if you require to run Windows programs that do not possess Mac versions or you are making the switch from PC to Mac and need to transfer your data. You need Parallels Desktop in either of the cases.

Some Peculiarities on Parallels

The best features that come along with Parallels Desktop are:

  1. It is very smooth and continuous to use
  2. This is pretty easy and straightforward to install on your device
  3. Windows that are graphically enhanced and resource-hungry can run very smoothly without any obstacle or slowing down the speed of your Mac device.
  4. You can pick up a view by making use of Windows in Coherence Mode.
  5. You can set windows to take the entire screen to make it look like you are using a Windows operating system only.

Run Windows on Mac with Parallels – Let us Plunge in

A brand new version of Windows virtualization implement Parallels has just stepped out in the market. What new thing did it bring with it? This new version of Parallels Desktop came up with support for upcoming macOS Catalina features as well as other new features.

We are here to look for whether Parallels Desktop is still the best method to run the Windows OS on an Apple computer.

Parallels Desktop has been working on Apple computers for running the Windows operating system since the year 2006. As we discussed above in the introductory portion, it runs Microsoft’s OS in a virtual environment. Therefore, it is quite evident that it is a vast application.

When you turn off Parallels on your Mac computer, Windows and the other applications installed in that OS gets deactivated and disappears from the screen. You need to start up Parallels again to make them appear and start working.

This is such a system that helps you to quickly jump from the Mac operating system to Windows within moments without having to reboot each and every time you are going from one OS to another.

The Benefits of Parallel

Parallels desktop application is full of leads if you have a good grip on it. Let us see what are the perks of using Parallels.

  1. Parallels Desktop is more operational than many other similar software applications in the sense that you can run all the two operating systems on one device simultaneously.
  2. It encourages a more straightforward integration of files between devices. You also get the chance for linking desktops between your Parallels program and OS X. Doing this you will be able to create any documents built up in one system that is copied by itself. They get saved to the other system.
  3. One of the biggest plus points of Parallels Desktop is Coherence Mode. This feature combines the Windows and the Mac OS operating system realms together. Thus, you will be getting a communal interface for both the applications. This actually reveals the fact that without having an entire Windows desktop open, you can open Windows apps in Coherence Mode. They will look just like the screen looks after you open a Mac program.
  4. In Parallels Desktop you will not require to make a different section on your hard drive for the Windows operating system which is something that takes place in other integration software applications.

The Stumbling Blocks – Disadvantages of Parallels

If something comes with a set of plus points, it must be having some hitches that cause difficulty to deal with it. Here are the disadvantages of using Parallels.

  1. Parallels Desktop eats up more memory of the Mac device as it can execute two operating systems at the same time. This is something that you will not see in the case of other similar collaborating software applications. A minimum of 4 GB of RAM is very much necessary on your Mac device if you want to run any one of the Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 through Parallels Desktops. 8 GB RAM is recommendable if you are somebody to use multiple applications at the same time on one device.
  2. Money matters and installing this application is very expensive compared to the other applications that are used to perform the same job.
  3. As this method is very costly already, it becomes difficult to bear the expenses that comes when the time arrives for updating the Parallels Desktop application. Let me give you a bit of depth on this fact. A brand new version released with the market alongside the very new Mac OS X operating system. This version gets updated every year and the cost of each update is about 49.99 USD. Now it is a mandatory to update your Mac OS X every year. This will not make the older version of Parallels to be compatible with the updated OS X. So updating Parallels also becomes very crucial.
  4. Learning the usage of Parallels is a bit difficult and so users take more time to have quality control over the application in a short amount of time. It is not as straightforward as it seems.

Parallels 15 – the Latest One with More Tempting Features

Parallels 15 is the latest version that has many eyecatching features. It has very big support for DirectX 11 via Apple’s very own Metal technology.

This is something that will give you a superior experience in computer gaming. This version has another positive side and that is the speeding up of processing 3D graphics. The speen increased by 15% after the update.

Also, the applications that not in great demand in Microsoft Office will be loading 80% faster. This will help you to get at your spreadsheets in record time.

Let me tell you about another very important benefit that Parallels 15 will provide you. It has the support for the feature of Sidecar that is coming with macOS Catalina that will make you capable of using an iPad as the second screen.

This is really crazy as you can use Windows on an iPad as well and use it with an apple pencil. Here, you will get the feature of dragging images directly into windows from Mac applications like Photos, Safari, and so on. 

The Expenses of Parallels 15

The cost of this application is a bit high, around 80 USD and along with that, there is the expenses to keep the application updated each year. There is one other payment option that goes with the Pro subscription, a hundred dollars every year.

This package is inclusive of the costs of updates and a collection extra feature that you will get to enjoy with the Pro subscription.

This is something that would attract the developers and IT admins the most. It also gives you a free trial for a certain period of time if you are using Parallels for the first time.

Remember that you will be needing to make the payment for the copy of Windows that you own. But, Parallels will make this simpler for you to buy the OS of Microsoft right away from the source.

Concluding Note

Well, coming so far you might have understood that Parallels Desktop application is not something that is available in the market at very low market value. But, also, you have seen how good and advantageous this application can be.

This is the only reason I personally consider Parallels to be the best to run Windows on Mac even in the year of 2019.

Let us know in the comment section below what views do you carry for this flabbergasting application.

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