Almost everyone uses social media for entertainment nowadays. Social media is a big platform where lots of people share their current activities. Often hackers target social media because they can access the personal information of thousands of people from there very easily. Most importantly, social media lures us to click on many unknown ads and links. That is when hackers get a chance of stealing our private information.

social media hack

The most common disadvantage of social media is hacking. Each social media account has a different hacking pattern. Some may hack via ads whereas others may hack through clickbait. The thing is, you must identify the signs that your account is hacked. Some people ignore the signs and land up in more trouble. The sooner you detect the issue, the better it is for your online security.

If you get hacked on social media here are the solutions for you to fix it.  In this article, you will get to know how to secure your account.

How To Recognize If You Get Hacked On Social Media?

In today’s world, the maximum people use social media. Sometimes hackers target social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram as these have innumerable users. One advice would be never to underestimate the hackers. They have spent hours on advanced technologies to craft a technique for hacking your account. So it will not be easy to counteract their action. But, yes, you can always protect your account or recover. After all, prevention is always better than cure.

Sometimes it becomes tough to understand whether your account is safe or not.  You will notice some changes in your account if someone hacks it.

Sometimes you get an unexpected number of likes and comments on Instagram or Facebook or any other social media. There is a possibility that someone has hacked your account. You can see different posts, tags, status which you did not do. These are the common changes which you may face if anyone hacks your account. Later You can also recover these type of account like twitter, Facebook, Instagram by following some steps.

What To Do If Your Account Gets Hacked?

If your account gets hacked, just follow the given steps:

  • You can reset your password and login to your account.
  • Delete all the apps which you do not recognize.
  • Enter your password which you reset to log in
  • Install antivirus and scan your system to detect the virus.
  • Go to the settings and make every access private

Simple And Easy Method To Recover Account

Account hacking is a common problem. You can recover your social media account if you follow the given methods.

Use A Strong Password

strong password

Always use a strong password. A strong password can secure your account. And make sure you do not share your password with others. Never share your password to any website as well.

Sometimes you get fake emails, where hackers ask for your password. Never share your password with an untrusted organization. Using your password, hackers can log in to your account and can make changes to your profile. So make sure that you will never share your password with anyone unnecessarily.

Avoid  Attack

Social media attack is a technique where hackers apply a different method to hack your account.  These social engineering tactics convince you to share your personal information like username and password. If you once share your password, they can access your account easily. So be alert and make sure you are not sharing your personal information with anyone.

Even these are some basic precautions, you must follow these to secure your social media account. Always check your settings privacy and reset your password regularly. If you follow the above steps it will protect your account. And nobody will be able to hack your account on social media. Thus, you can enjoy scrolling through your account without hassle.