Printers are one among the most useful and handy electronic gadgets. They are widely used not only in the businesses but also in households. HP is one of the most dominant manufacturers of the printers, and HP printers are very popular in its line of products.

Usually, HP printers are reliable and perform well. But then, they are also electronic devices and hence prone to the issues now and then. These issues could be very annoying, especially if you have to print something urgent. And not knowing what to do annoys even more.

A few simple troubleshooting steps can resolve the issue if you know the right steps for the error. You can also contact the best service provider i.e., HP Support UAE for assistance in the process anywhere in UAE. We have service centers in many parts of the world where you can contact according to your ease of access. Here, in this article, we are going to tell you about the three most common issues with HP printers and how to deal with them.

HP Support UAE

Paper Jams

One of the most commonly occurring issues with HP printers is paper jams. I am mentioning one of the best service center i.e., HP Service Center Dubai along with the many other centers around the world have received many help request regarding this issue.

This issue means the printing material is getting stuck into your HP printer. And then you find yourself unable to eject or remove the material from the printing tray. This makes all the printing works come to stand still. But why you might be facing this issue?

There are three main reasons behind paper jams in HP printers

  • Overuse of the printer
  • Wrong paper type, or
  • dirt accumulation

If you don’t clean your printer often, dust accumulates on various parts of it. This jams the paper in the printer. So, what can you do to avoid this problem?

  • Clean the printer, especially the printhead.
  • Use the compatible paper size and type.
  • If your printer is not made for heavy use, and that’s the kind of work you want your printer to perform, change the printer. This should keep paper jams away from your HP Printers.


Another annoying error about the HP printers that HP Support UAE most often hear about is ghosting. In ghosting, you get a low-quality image print out and sometimes with some text from the main document as well. This issue is prevalent in laserjets.

Ghosting occurs in HP printers due to three main reasons.

  • Dirty drums, i.e., the drums in your HP printers are not getting cleaned thoroughly as it rolls.
  • Dirty rollers can’t properly conduct electrical charges.
  • Sometimes the rollers can wear down, resulting in ghost images.

Solutions for ghosting are apparent after you know the reason why it is happening.

  • Check if there are residual toner on the rollers. Clean it with a clean lint-free cloth and do not keep it in light for a long time.
  • If your rollers are smudged and dirty, then you can connect to HP Support UAE or the one near you for guiding you through the cleaning process. You can also refer to the user manual of the HP printer if you have.
  • If your printer is old and the rollers are damaged, changing them will resolve the issue. Now, you can resolve the issue of ghosting yourself.

Printer Driver Problems

According to a recent survey, many users never update the drivers and the apps in their PC. And often, most issues in the HP printers issues occur due to the outdated printer drivers. So, updating the driver will resolve your driver issues.

Sometimes the driver issue occurs after you have updated your OS. This is because your old driver doesn’t sit well with the updated OS. Hence, you will have to download the latest version of the HP printer driver for resolving the issue.

In case you are not able to resolve these errors, or you are facing other issues related to the HP printer, contact HP Support UAE or HP support in other parts of the world. Their executives can help you in resolving all the HP printer issues in a jiffy.

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