Dangerrangers provides valuable information and latest updates on every technical release and development.

Dangerranger.com has readers from both technical and non-technical backgrounds. That is what makes us the perfect place to write guest-blogs for technical businesses.

What do we Provide?

We believe in sharing all the recent updates and news about software development. Apart from that, we also focus on providing solutions to different tech-related problems.

Take a glimpse at our articles so that you understand what we actually do. Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Facebook wants your data: 5 ways to keep it safe
  • How to spot fake reviews on Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and other sites
  • How to prevent data destruction from cybersecurity attacks

And you will get to see many more once you visit our website.

Why write with dangerranger.com?

Now, that’s a very good question and you have the right to ask it. We appreciate and give privileges to writers with a unique mindset and who can write unique creative content. So if you think that you have the caliber to understand complex information and explain it to the readers in a much simple way, then you are the perfect candidate for us.

We provide a huge platform for new writers who are capable enough to write for our websites. If you are new to this market and if you think that your contents are good enough to get recognition and publicity, then we are the best option you can ever opt for.

What do you need to write for dangerranger.com?

We believe in giving equal opportunity to every writer out there. You can be a professional or you can be a total newbie. It does not matter to us. We only focus on the content you are providing.

To write with us, you need to follow some rules and regulations to meet our requirements. So, go through the following steps before you start writing with us.

  • The content should be a hundred percent plagiarism-free.
  • The content should stick to the topic that you are discussing.
  • You have to strictly follow a word count range of 1000 per article. Do not exceed or precede the word count limit as that might prevent your content from getting published.
  • The content should be written in easy language so that every reader can stick to your article until the end.
  • To make the content more interesting, you are allowed to include images and graphical content related to that topic. Graphical contents attract many reader’s attention and they don’t get bored reading your blog.
  • Create a backlink and include that link in your blog. So that when the reader clicks on that link it redirects him to your website. We will charge you a small number of editorial fees.

What is your responsibility?

We will provide you a global platform and your responsibility is to provide us quality content. You have to be a tech-savvy person who keeps all the hot news and updates of software development and tech-news market.

All you have to do is gather some valuable information and facts about the recent tech-news and software solutions and write it in an article in the simplest format possible to share it with the whole world.

How to Reach Us?

There is a small recommendation from us. If you are planning to write with us, we would recommend you to first go through our website and get an idea of what exactly we do.

Done with all the procedures? Great. Now quickly send us your content on your contact us form. Generally, we try to publish most of the articles we receive and if your article has that potential, then consider it published.